Event Coverage: SEMA Part 6


It’s time to get to the outside of SEMA, finally! While the entire SEMA show was impressive I would have to say the outside had the most modified cars per square foot.

However it was also hot, very hot compared to Ontario and walking around with a laptop in my bag wasn’t helping so I did it in stages between the halls.

Here’s part 1 from the outside.


Because it was hot, and drinks were expensive, I figured first I should head over the Monster track area and see if I could score any free Monster.

I failed, but I did get to see a couple of Ford Mustangs with the new 5.0’s put on a drift demo.

I've never actually seen a new Mustang drift in person before this
The new 5.0's sound as good as the originals
These cars look pretty good sideways
Race prep chases street prep


I’ve never been to an official DUB show before (I’m not even certain whether or not the come to the Toronto area) but I will say they are certainly an experience of sorts.

I saw cars at the show unlike anything I had seen before many of which were not my taste at all, however I did manage to find a few interesting ones to photograph.

This is G.
Would this classify as a low-rod?
I wonder how long a car can stay on 3 for?
Layin rocker
70s or so slammed Jimmy? Either way looks great
Chevy Custom 10 on biiiig wheels
Copper Camaro
Other than the fact that you might be the crumple zone these vans are awesome
Boso bike!
There is way over the top and then there is this
Ya this truck is pretty big
But this is even bigger
And this is just massive
This looks incredibly odd.
This is a good look
30s Ford?
This was some sort of update/retro kit


After making my way away from the track and Dub show I checked out some of the car a little farther away from the convention center.

The kid who drives this truck is 7, I am jealous
I wish I had one of these when I was 7, though I might not have made 8 then
Another unique creation from the crew at GAS
Roth's creations are always worth a second look

The Golden Sub and The Webb Wedge Roadster

Both of these cars were downright amazing and had I taken better pictures of them (and had I had more card space) they would have easily made Showstoppers. Both are built by Webb Automotive art and are just that, pieces of Automotive art.

I figure these two are probably the best cars to end today’s post with.

The Wedge Roadster
Took some waiting to get a clear shot
The body alone on this was a work of art.
I've never seen rotors like this in an automotive application
Probably a bit of a handful to drive, actually not sure if I would fit


  1. Yeah the big burgundy one is a Suburban, it only had a rear door on one side if I remember correctly.

    I had a ’94 Yukon that I had envisioned looking like the body-dropped one, but I got sick of it and sold it before I wasted too much money on it.

  2. Yea, Suburban’s look amazing with absolutely no ground clearance, and they don’t make bad parts haulers either. Oh, and Dave the 30’s Ford is a ’33, the easiest way to differentiate between a ’32, ’33, and ’34 is the grille.

  3. Phil, I know what its like to waste money on a Chevy lol.

    All this gives me an idea… I should assemble a bunch of hard (for me at least) to identify cars and hold a challenge of sorts.

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