SEMA Showstopper: Gold Mines


The last two cars I will be posting as Showstoppers from the 2010 SEMA show are cars that I had to revisit a number of times in order to get clear photos due to the fact that each had sizable crowds gawking virtually any time I passed by.

Both of these cars lie somewhere between show and street-able in the sense that the owners probably drive both of them quite a bit but wouldn’t dare risk daily driving as getting into a fender bender with one of these would be a travesty.

1939 LaSalle Couple

The first car is a beautiful 1939 LaSalle built by Dominator Street Rods.

Not much was really available in way of information about this car at the show, and the internet has only revealed to me the following things:

  • The current owner, Bill West, has owned it for the past 20 years
  • It has a super charged Northstar power plant
  • It was built to be driven

I suppose I will just let the photos fill in the rest:

Great design looks good for a long time.
The lines of this car lend themselves well to the raked stance
This picture is a little fuzzy but still captures the smoothness of this car for lack of a better word
The front end of this car really interested me with the extensive grill work

Joe Brown’s 1967 Ford Mustang

Joe Brown, aka Hot Rod Joe of Hot Rod Joes Rod and Custom brought his 1967 Mustang to SEMA and I thought it was a perfect match for a post with the LaSalle above.

Joe’s Stang is powered by a Supercharged SVT Cobra motor which no doubt makes gobs of power and is a lot of fun to bang through all 6 gears.

While it’s virtually impossible to tell from the pictures this car has got a full tube chassis and custom suspension setup.

Also in order to get those big rear wheels to fit in the arches at it’s new ride height the rear wheel openings were tastefully modified so that they didn’t take too much away from the intended lines of the car.

This car was incredibly clean all throughout and always had a big crowd around it.

The size of those rear wheels is hid well thanks to the reworked fenders
It killed me not to include this shot in the 'Dat Ass' Theme Tuesday
Lots of time was spent under the hood to make it look this good
That super charged SVT motor sure fills the engine bay up
The car has fully independent suspension but I do not know if it's static or not.

Hope you enjoyed this pairing, I’ll be back later tonight with the last set of 50 photos from SEMA 2010.


  1. Do have have any info on the chassis/suspension setup on that LaSalle? I’m assuming it isn’t stock with that engine and that stance.

  2. Not really, information is fairly sparse all the site says is
    ” Art Morrison chassis, Dominator IFS rear suspension”

    It didn’t have a plaque or anything at the show.

  3. god damn that stang has seen some man hours im not a fan of the esthetics to say the least but the important stuff is awsome
    btw joe whats in your garage?

  4. I drive a completely stock 240 Volvo. Trying to pay off my college loans while preparing to start graduate school, and acquire more debt, slightly hampers my car selection. I’d like to own an Austin Mini Clubman or a Fiat Strada at some point though; I try not to set the bar high.

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