Event Coverage: SEMA Part 8


Well, I’ve finally reached what is going to be the end of the 2010 SEMA coverage. Hopefully you guys have enjoyed all of the coverage as much as I have enjoyed posting it. I hope after seeing these photos you are now devising a way to get to next years show as I think it’s something every enthusiast should try and get out to.

As much I have tried to share here it’s really, really, hard to explain what it’s like until you’ve been, I’ve never been so exhausted from taking in so much automotive eye candy.

Today is a continuation of yesterdays outdoor coverage and actually has the cars I saw earliest in the week.

‘Explore Adventure’ FJ

This really trick tear drop camper was being pulled by a nice FJ Cruiser. This camper trailer was a lot different than the ones I am used to seeing as those ones normally smell like the 70s, or at least what I assume the 70s smelled like…

This would make one hell of a BMX road trip rig
Inside was this very dope kitchen setup
Great carpentry throughout
I once read a build thread on one of these, I should find it and share

Imports and Euros

One thing that sort of struck me as odd at SEMA was the small amount of Volkswagens, today’s post doesn’t change that or anything it’s just a general observation.

This bagged 7 was recently featured on Speedhunters
Clean A3 Wagon.
Check out the detailing on this trunk lid, oh and the bottle.
Drift sled from Team Hybrid
Several other people at the show would disagree 😛
Subtle yet aggressive wide body Evo
Never seen a bike stand like this before.
This Lex was tucked away near some 4x4s
Sick looking IS on Airrunner suspension


Lots of Scion presence outside of the main hall of SEMA, now that Scions are available in Canada I expect there to be a lot more modified ones in my area.

CF flares, skirts, and lip. Brave!
A box from the Phaze 2 camp
If flush isn't your thing how about some tuck?
Self explanatory

More Minitrucks

The bagged trucks just don’t stop.

Clean s10 to start things off that is tuckin lugs...
Nice bed setup, though I wonder why the compressors were not under mounted
Another very detailed paint job, right down to the rims
My love for Minitrucks and SEMA was a match made in heaven
Colorado on what look to be blacked out Escalade wheels
Slammed Armada
It had a pretty interesting suspension set up, unlike most trucks I have seen
This truck kind of confused me but I think it's an early s10 Blazer under there
I'm basing that solely the window hinges and roof line
A few things still needed to be straightened out on this dualie but it sat great
This has as many bags in the rear as some trucks do all around
Smooth ass end to finish things off
This very clean GMC would be my choice of the bunch
Clean bed set up, you could still haul a little in there?
I'm a fan of painted emblems when done well
and these were done well


This was pretty interesting it's a Ford body, more or less, on a Suburban chassis with a 350 under the hood
Remember when wood panel cars earned you a shot in the arm?
Mighty fine looking Chevelle I missed from the other day
This car belonged on the strip
Big ol Impala with lots of chrome
What went in the trunks that the tires had to be stored Continental style?
Clean Impala on Accuair suspension
Very nice bay
Beautiful and streetable wagon
Nova on big ol Forged wheels
I really like the shaved, de-chromed, painted, bumpers
Bitchin 50s Chevy
With great Scallops and pin striping
Making up for the lack of new Camaros with old today
SEMA engine bay shots have been well received
Beauty RS

That’s it and that’s all. Hopefully I can go again next year and figure out what the heck is going on with this thing…

I guess this is one way to work on the motor eh?

I’m off now, to my American readers Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for visiting!


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