WTF Friday: Nothing rides like a Deere


Some weeks I have a general idea about what I am going to post on Friday but other weeks, like this one, I have absolutely no idea. Thankfully the internet is a wealth of completely random and strange vehicle based things so I never really run a big risk of coming up with nothing.

After checking out a few of my local haunts I found a picture of this John Deere tractor/tryke and became intrigued so after a quick round on the Google monster I found another pic.

This John Deere trike isn’t the first of it’s kind that I have seen, however it is the first I have seen that seems to be made from an actual, once functional, John Deere Tractor and not painted to look as such.

These particular pictures are from the Sturgis bike rally in 2009 but I have seen smaller pictures of it from 2010 so I assume it is still around.

I’m kind of interested to know how fast it goes and how much work went into it.

Anyone have a build thread?

How is this registered I wonder?
She must end up with lots of bug in her hair

Site Updates

Now that SEMA is done I’ll be working on some of the other ideas I’ve had kicking around in my head. There has been a lot of interest lately from a number of potential sponsors which I will be getting back to over the weekend.

Some of which are willing to contribute some stuff for more giveaways so I should have some more free stuff for you guys to win in the next couple weeks.

Sorry I don’t have any sort of Black Friday sale going like everyone else but it kind of snuck up on me. However things are always cheap in the store and you can make the purchases in your underwear.

Flashback Friday

We got snow today, no accumulation yet but before you know it Winter Wednesdays will return, here is a goody from last year

Low all year.


  1. im gessing handleing wasnt a priority lol ive been trying to find some one thats bult a tractor hot rod for a while now to know avail just cos i think it would be cool it well done

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