Winter Wednesdays: The Bucket


Well it’s finally happened, the first snow has come to cut down the amount of lowered cars on the road. Ironically the idea for Winter Wednesdays struck me in the summer and therefore I have been saving almost every picture of lowered cars in the winter as I could in anticipation for this winter. While some of us are fortunate enough to have winter beaters most of us do the lowered thing day in day out, Winter Wednesdays are a salute to those of us who do our part in plowing the roads all winter.

I plan to run Winter Wednesdays every week where there is a recordable accumulation of snow and every other week otherwise. If you have pics of your car toughing it out low in the winter send them through to [email protected], and now ‘The Bucket’

I’ve mentioned The Bucket before and while this might look like your average slammed MK1 it’s got more work put into it than its outward appearance immediately suggests. The owner is also kooked in the fact that he only drives this car with the windows down, but hey that’s my kind of kooked.

This car just ooozes style and dedication to stance
This car just ooozes style and dedication to stance


  1. Was just looking for Slammed MK1s to show my mate for his in google, landed on THIS on the first page. Nice goin Dave, you’re gettin big now 🙂

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