Winter Wednesdays: Buried


We got enough snow in the GTA yesterday to make my after work commute to the gym fairly lengthy so a Winter Wednesday post is justified this week. It’s also been pretty cold and when it’s cold there are few things more aggravating than brushing snow off your car. What really gets me is the snow that flies in once you open your door, I need to keep a snow brush in my side skirt or something…

For today’s Winter Wednesday here are two cars that got caught without shelter in heavy dumpings of snow. Thank god I have always had a garage or underground parking.

There is a blue Mazda3 under there some place...
Bonus twitter find @lower_it has a dope car and plate

So far my Hankook winter ipikes have got me through all of what winter has dished out, take that s.u.v. owners!


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