Event Coverage: Honda Tech 2010


Last year was my first Honda Tech event and I was blown away by the quality  of cars that were there. For a long time Honda’s were not the cleanest cars around so it was really refreshing to see so many nice ones in one area along with all of the other clean cars that came out.

Because of my move the previous day my time at the show was short and sweet and while I didn’t show up during it’s peak but I was still able to get a lot of shots of the action and, thankfully, the time I showed up it had cooled down slightly as it was a scorcher.

Random Stuff

Last year I saw a girl manhandling a hog and this year I saw a bike burnout.

Bikes create a lot of smoke in a short period of time
My gf pointed out this sticker, I like it
Not really random, but the only Accord I shot all day, it really caught my eye

Non Honda

Like any good car show Honda Tech draws out all car owners.

Nice Subaru I saw near the entrance
Loved this paint, gotta find out the code
Immaculate looking Skyline
Super clean RHD RX-7 on Wedsports
Drop dead beautiful e36
Mr Ing pushed in his splitter from the last time I saw him, looked good before, looks great now
Toronto G35 owners really have their fitment game on point
Super clean
Beautiful bug, which had the melons sticker from above on it
Clean setup
Honda powered AE86
I've seen this car a few times but never noticed the Nextmod flameboy here before
Clean, dialed, and proper
Kinda hard to see here but this Supra basically had a drain pipe for an exhaust
And for good reason look at that giant ass turbo!
The full package


For the Acuras this is just easier than breaking it up by body style

Dumped RSX
Widebody RSX that has been shot by Dougboy
I used to want a DC dumped on GSR blades so bad
The Mugen DC that was at the Nextmod BBQ
Beautiful JDM Type R
Nice and clean
Another great looking Type R
This car is on point
Somehow I almost walked past this NSX


Last year I broke it up by generation but this year I am just doing it by name.

Dara actually rides the bike you see on the rack
The last set of Fitapaldi's I saw was on Jay @ Stance Factorys e30
Clean eg infront of the Teknotik booth
Actually met Chester this time! Had some stickers for me
k-Tuned eighth gen
Perhaps the GTA's most loved SI
Every time I saw this car there was a crowd around it
It was very clean and that cf lip was fire but the real feature was the bay
Which was cleaned up then done up with graffiti
One of the cleanest civic's of this generation I have ever seen


The S2000 scene in the GTA seems to be expanding rapidly

RPF-1s, timeless, functional
Another car that has been shot by Dougboy

and more flush

Arc Magic

Msequence was spinning beats at the event, he also changed his rim color

Make sense for a DJ to have a clean I.C.E. setup


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