Throwback Thursday: Letter Kenny


I’m still on the fence about whether or not Throwback Thursday posts will appear here on the site with any regularity, but, I feel this one was warranted as Ken Wagan recently posted some updated photos of his project RX-7.

To spin the clock back a bit (or a lot to 2012) I first snapped some photos of his car at a Canadian Sport Compact Series event. Ken eventually saw these photos and reached out which was rare because at the time it was rare for drivers to become aware of the photos I took.

We exchanged messages with the hopes of an in person introduction soon and it took about three years before it actually happened, but such is life.


Ken’s car has always been very visually pleasing, which for a race car isn’t always the case, and if memory serves always performed pretty well.

So in true car guy fashion he took something that pretty much worked and completely re did it.

Over the years the car had been slowly transitioning from weekend warrior to full-blown single turbo 381whp track car, so Ken just sped the process up a bit (or a lot) bit by adding a cage and going all out on some home-built aero.


In addition to the aerodynamic voodoo he’s also got a second Rotary engine that he’s building for the car as well to pump up its power even more. I hope to cross paths with this car this summer, and maybe even make plans to infiltrate the Speed.Academy HQ.

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