Fat and Flush: Butch King


I’ve got a thing for s10s, Sonomas, Blazers, Jimmys, Sy’s and Ty’s. Those who know me know this, and if you have been reading for awhile you have probably also noticed this as I am no stranger to posting S trucks.

However most of the ones I post are not exactly fast (in anything other than a straight line) and wouldn’t exactly fall in the Fat and Flush category.

This is nowhere ordinary Blazer though, it is a fire breathing, hill course eating, monster.

With a 6.7L 450HP V8 sitting under the hood the owner (Butch King) puts this truck to task at hill climbs all over the good old US of A.

If this truck doesn’t deserve to be in the Fat and Flush category I’m not sure what does.

This photo was literally love at first sight
Butch beat those fenders into submission
This truck has a tube chassis, double wishbone suspension, quick change rear, and is a thing of beauty

This post needs video:

Yes you just saw a SUV three wheel into a turn and power slide out.

Does this look like a guy who would let some twisted sheet metal stop him?

Butch has actually commented on this blog the last time I posted his truck which means I have his email so I’m going to send him a message and see if it is possible to get some new pics/updated info on the truck after the crash.

(Thanks to Suck Squeeze Bang Blow for the reminder)

….I suddenly very much regret junking my Blazer for reasons entierly different than what I thought….


  1. Man, i’ve seen the videos and picture all around the web, I’ve also seen a video of this Blazer with a white front clip, so I’m assuming he fixed the damage!

    Props to him in large quantity, so sick.

  2. Dave just so you know I did get it back together and ran it until I hit a tree at Duryea in PA doing a hill there when a piece broke on the rear-end and totaled it so it is no mow…..But thanks for the interest in it

    Butch King

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