Pink is for…


There are a number of different ways I could finish that title and while I posted a mammary filled video on the fan page yesterday my intentions are to keep this blog (mostly) safe for work, so in this case pink is for eye catching.

Which just so happens to be a great way to describe Bryan’s Pink DC Interga that sports a completely custom and fairly subtle all metal wide body.

Being able to keep things clean while rocking such a bright color can be tough but Bryan has got it down to a tee.

Helping set this car off in addition to the body mods are CCW 16×9 wheels and air pistons providing the low on all four corners.

Bryan has got a few things planned for the car that I won’t spoil but hopefully sometime between now and completion he sends over a few more pictures, in the meantime you can check out his previous feature here on Air Society.

Photo Credit: JGODIN and Rob Langelier


  1. I think the only difference is the lighting surrounding the car at the time the photos where taken! sick colour!

  2. The true color is pink pearl. The last pic is what it looks like but the color alll depends on what kind of lighting there is because of the pearl in the paint lol

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