Theme Tuesdays: Classic American Trucks


I’ve been posting the odd classic truck (50s to early/mid 80s) both here and on the fan page for the past few months but for whatever reason I have never really posted them in mass.

Today is the the day I change that.

Quite a few of these trucks are fat fender Chevys or squared up C-10s but don’t take that as a sign of me being a Chevy over Ford guy.

I just happened to be searching for a particular Chevy when I came across most of these pics.

Yep, that is how I am starting this one.
Looks like that bumper takes care of any debris that might be in the way
Super smooth 55
Similar vintage of truck not quite as shaved or painted
Perfect what I assume to be static drop
52 Chev in original patina
I picked up a LOT of c-10s
I think seeing this truck laid out on an even surface would do it even further justice
This looks pretty rad... but please do not do it to a late model car
Look at the size of those tubs... ride low park lower!
You just know the owner of this truck gets asked if he would sell on a weekly if not daily basis
Found on road...slammed?
Step side > Fleet side with most 50s/60s trucks
Extended cab short bed?
Does this remind anyone else of the cab from Who Shot Roger Rabbit? Still sick though
Snub nose fans this is for you
For those who say lowered trucks lose all their practicality...
It is an absolute must that I attend a Good Guys Event
So the picture I was looking for is this truck hitting a pylon driven by a guy with a big beard, can someone find it?
Local Taylor'd customs killin' it

I might do vintage (pre 50s) trucks in the near future, along with a follow up to this theme.

….I might be a Chevy guy.


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