Bounce and Boom


This Mk5 Fiesta is one of  is one of the more unique builds I have come across this month and part of this is because we don’t get this flavor of Fiesta in North America.

However, the rest of the reasons I like this car have nothing to do with this cars availability to me and everything to do with the owners choice in modifications.

For example when was the last time you saw a car with hydraulic suspension that didn’t have wires?

In addition to the suspension choice the wheels on this Ford also stand out, at first glance they may seem a little small but take a look at the fitment in the rear three quarter shot when the car is laid out, on point.

At the end of the day this car is just clean from bumper to bumper and that is what sets it off and I honestly can’t say I would want to see a single thing about this car changed, ever.

Photo Credit: D3Darrin
Spotted on Stance | Works


  1. i like this fiesta a lot. i think Fiestas are gonna blow up soon like civics did in the 90’s. fiesta rally racing is gonna push the to the limits.

    on this car i would shave the door handles and tint the windows slightly(maybe even blue), then lastly swap those yellerrr fog lights for white ones so ur not mashing ur color palette.

  2. mk 5 fiestas acctualy have had there own 1 make race series for years id rather have a mk1 ka tho there a wicked lil drivers car

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