Theme Tuesdays: Pinup Girls


Pinup style models, (and Rockabilly – esque) women are something I never really see at shows around here, even the classic ones I go to.

Whenever I see photos of them online I’m a fan for two reasons the first is because it’s something different than your typical yoga pants and bikini top fare, and the second is that wherever a pin up style model is a bad ass classics is never too far behind.

I know it hasn’t been that long since I posted women on a Tuesday but I’m in between a few car themes right now and didn’t have time over the weekend to finalize them so you guys are just going to have to suffer through this theme.

Hopefully it doesn’t traumatize you too bad…

David Perry came up a lot maybe I should buy this DVD
Balancing act
See what I mean about a sick car not too far behind?
Need a lift?
This looks like the Nicki Minaj of pinups
I like a great many things about this photo
This photo makes me think of Vegas
Damn hubcaps always falling off..
Seconds after this picture was taken the guy in the back noticed the woman and his significant other got mad
Is that a BMW Bavaria?
I should be mad at this photo for reminding me of winter
Classic car and pinup style
I need more info on this hearse contraption
Not a car you would expect to see paired with a pinup girl

A lot of these photos came from a tumblr I quite like called Motor Models


  1. It’s not a Bavaria as it has but two doors.

    It’s an E9 coupe. It could be a Lightweight, but doubtful. At least it doesn’t have the heinous city pack chrome flares.

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