I need more of this


I saw this on Supermade (one of my favorite dub blogs) a few weeks ago and my jaw dropped. I’ve always loved Corrados and Supermade seems to consistently post some of the best looking ones I have ever seen.

This car is simple and sweet. Clean, low, and flush, deadly combination.

These cars have such a great looking side profile
Interior looks all business
I need to hit up more VW events

I wish I had a few more pictures of this car because it looks to be a contender for the Fat and Flush category but it’s a little hard to tell based on these pictures.

If someone has anymore or this is your car holler.

Photo credit: yousuf.fazil


  1. Three of my favorite things, extremely wide BBS’s, white lettered tires, and Corrados. I’m covered for today.

  2. ha a red corrado havnt seen a red one b4 i dont think thay tend to be in dark coloce (i likem in german racing silver) tiz rad but i dont get the whole ferarri thing tho =0/

  3. Never been a fan of the Corrados… Until I’ve seen this one.

    I see a local bring out his every summer but the faded “nugget yellow” paint job just kills it. 🙁

  4. as someone has already said this was featured in PVW a few months ago with two equally sick golfs, Westside builds some of the best looking and performing cars in the Volkswagen community.

  5. I go to a local meet and see one almost identical fitment, interior, and color wise. But man that white letter bbs ferrari touch really makes this stand out. MEGA Props on creativity and execution.

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