WTF Friday: Furious Friday


So Fast Five opens today (here anyway) and I’m going to see it tonight with a few friends, I have not seen one in the theaters since the second so hopefully it’s enjoyable.

As I am sure some of you are going as well and because it’s inevitable that the parking lot will be full of interesting cars I had an idea: Everyone who is going to a showing and wants to win something snap some photos of the most WTF worthy ride (good or bad) that you see and send them in for next weeks WTF Friday.

The person with the most ridiculous picture (as chosen by commenters) will receive some sort of prize, probably some stickers but perhaps something else.

Now just so this post has some content here are a couple videos I was watching today. They have nothing to do with Fast Five but the second was is particularly amusing.
AAC’s truck From Scrape 2007

This came up in related videos, pretty sure they didn’t mean to go all the way back like that, pleased the crowd though.

Site Updates

Full features may be on hold for a little bit as I am writing two pieces on my auto teachers Diablo replica that I got to see in person this week. Because one is going to be a consideration for a magazine feature I should make it a priority. The other which I will work on after is for here, not quite a feature but more into the mind of a very resourceful person.

One that’s wrapped up I’ve got a few other local cars check out for features including but not limited to my friend Keith’s Model T:

The article on my first track experience should be up next week as well.

Car wise I dropped my tires off with Mike from as my wheels are ready to go. I have yet to see them in person yet but he sent me some Black Berry pics which look really good.

Here is a bit of a teaser, I kept the center color vague for now until I can take some high res photos of the final product.

I don't think I could have near as good a job by hand

Flashback Friday

Because I was talking about the Fast and The Furious I might as well take it back to the last time I posted a car from the movie which was a Theme Tuesday on FD Rx-7s.

I am not even going to lie I liked a lot of the cars from the first movie even though they are eye sores now.

*Hangs head in shame*

The Charger will always be sick however.


  1. eye sore is being nice mate lol but i have to admit so did i but we live n lern
    look at you bling mofo with ya shiny rims all those hours of polishing worth it now?
    good look with the mag thing both to you and diablo guy im amazed its taken this long for you to get stuck in to mags

  2. Those rims are looking sharp! I gotta take the PowerCone to my CCW’s this weekend too… not really looking forward to it.

  3. Lol Ollie I took the easy route and got the wheels sent out after running into issues with the anodized clear, more on that later. And thanks, we will see where it goes.

    Phil Powercone is what I am going to use to keep my wheels shiny. Fun times.. like when I had my rms on the e30.

  4. LoL at the cutless.

    Nice looking project for the model T. Different route then most people from around here take, but I really like it. High cut chop top FTW.

    The rims look good but I’m ashamed to ask what there going on. Haven’t been on here long enough. 🙂

    For The RX, I used to love it but I’m past the whole decal stage like you guys. I’m either slammed or for serious performance.

  5. @Phil, fully taken apart faces split, re painted, bolts polished, re sealed. I will go into more detail once I get them back.

    @Denis the T is an old riding buddy and he’s been working on it for the better part of a decade so I want to give him props.

    The wheels are going on my 2004 Mazda 3 GT.

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