Theme Tuesdays: E30 Tourings


After the E30 M3 Theme Tuesday I basically had to do this one. A lot of you were looking out for this so hopefully you enjoy the group I was able to pull together for this.

I want a Touring really bad now, this is not a good thing (financially).

Starting things off with a stock height flares removed ix touring on RMS
Local clean touring
and another lucky local guy
Subtle mods here, notice the 5 lug swap though
Euro weaves, burnouts and m50s ftw
Getting sideways on Alpinas
More Alpina awesomeness
Haha Wacken.
Whats the proper pronunciation of Hartge anyone know?
Love this shade of green
Fairly sure these are Kerscher kicks (edit: OZ Futuras)
More of the same
Borber Type A Onslaught forthcoming
Mtech Kit + Touring + Borbets = Epic
If flat caps are more your flavor here you go
Big fan of shaved roundels and color keyed wheels
The exhaust is also pretty sexy
Twists look great on a touring
I have never seen these wheels before but they look might fine here
I will never tire of classic euro styling
Notice the tires
Notice the fuel cell
Notice the motor. Serious business.
E30 M3 Touring.
Uncontainable amounts of win here
Color me jealous


  1. Every time I see a Touring out and about or up for sale I can’t help but look forlornly at my bank account. I love wagons of all varieties but there’s something about E30 tourings….

  2. Any info on where I can find out more about that first grey Touring? It’s the only Touring I’ve ever seen or heard of with a pre-facelift bumper conversion and I’m very interested in that!

    • They are euro pre-facelift bumpers. Tourings were never sold with pre-facelift bumpers, so the bumpers can only be from a conversion. I’ve been looking all over the internet for these conversions, but I haven’t found any information yet. I’ve only found threads on converting pre-facelift bumpers to facelift bumpers, never the other way around. 🙁

      • Ah yes my e30 knowledge is fading (last one was about ten years ago) I know the pre face lift to face lift (in the rear) requires a valence so maybe it was the reverse of that? This is a good question let me ask some of my current e30 owning friends.

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