Theme Tuesdays: E30 M3s FTW


If there is one thing that’s universal between basically everyone in the automotive community it’s that e30s kick ass, and e30 m3s even more so.

I did an e30 Theme Tuesday and now its the e30 m3’s time to shine. Tourings next?

Beautiful DTM replica
Another shot of the same car, love the adjustable wing extension
A similar m3 stickerless
Nice choice of LM color on this ride
Boxy and curvy at the same time, these lines are classic
Late Apex
This m3 borrowed a set of style 5s
CF hood is a stark contrast but I don't mind it
Another cf hood, this one matches the wheels
Dinan turbo e30 m3
This e30 is v10 powered, sick
Not a factory color, but still sick, color matching ftw
I don't like the kidneys (center of the grill) but I love the flat caps
Lots of show
and lots of go
Epic fitment, epic height, epic shot
I think the driver is making vroom noises with his mouth...
VW better get on the gas!
The hairpin in the distance looks like a lot of fun

Can’t get enough e30 goodness? Check out this article on jalopnik about a few crazy barn find e30 m3s and this one about a guy who entered a $500 318 (with s14 swap) into a WRC event and came in third.

These cars can’t be stopped, I will own another.


  1. Yes touring’s…yes yes yes! The rarely seen, but still downright beautiful E23 touring Theme Tuesdays would also be equally as awesome

  2. Epic post, E30 M3s are just awesome. What I wouldn’t give to be the guy that got his hands on that barn find of the 2 M3s, the RS200 and the Evo II 190E. I’d sell one of the M3s and keep the rest 🙂

  3. @Joe I did not know an e23 touring existed. I shall have to investigate these further.

    @Phil If I found those 2 m3s I would say my life officially peaked.

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