K Sold is puttin in work


Last night I got to see my friend, and contributing photographer, K.Sold aka Keven Soldo perform some of his stand up comedy routine last night at a local bar. He slayed and good times were had by all.

When I got home I took a look at some photos he had taken of his friend Matt’s 2004 WRX, in it’s last days of winter mode, on the Toronto Subaru Club. Mild mannered employee by day, photographer by evening, comedian at night Keven is a triple threat!

This car is sitting on STI struts and RCE yellows and has the power to back up it’s aggressive look.

Pretty sure Keven popped this locations virginity
Wingless WRX's ftw
I've gotta pick up a set of Hella Supertones, my stock horn sucks
We would all be fortunate if our winter modes look this good

Matt is part of the small, but growing Subaru crew called KTC (Killing The Civics/KrispyTimmesCrew) so be sure to check them out.


  1. Thanks a lot for the shout out Dave. I heart you een more than I heart this website, and that’s a LOT!

    Matt’s coming back with his summer mode real soon so you can expect a follow up to these shoots.

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