Drift season has started in Ontario


An organized, safe, drift session took place just this past weekend along side the driving clinic Sweetie Girl Racing was hosting at Cayuga Motor sports park last Sunday and Static Motion Films, aka Santiago Gomez, aka the same guy behind these amazing photos was able to put together a video of all the fun.

As it turns out while I initially thought that the drifters just showed up to this event and threw down, Anna from Sweetie Girl Racing, along side a number of other dedicated car enthusiasts in Toronto actually planned this event and are actually working towards having things like this happen more often which is always good.

Shout out to drifter Chris for giving me the heads up on this video by posting it on max and Static Motion Films for putting it together.


  1. It’s all good, I’m still happy anytime I get to see an AE86. Just wish I never sold mine, and went the route of Pat!

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