Doogee does it again


Long time readers of Stance Is Everything might remember a post awhile back of a local Black E36 slammed on style 5’s titled “This Is How It’s Done“.

In that post I mentioned that the car would appear here again and Doogee came back hard this season after spending the winter polishing his style 5s and tweaking a few other exterior bits.

The changes this year are subtle, Bosch headlights, the return of amber taillights, and the aforementioned polishing of the epic fitting style 5s. Work was done, and it was done well.

Polished the lips on these wheels really pops
Fitment remains epic
So glad warm weather is coming back
Amber tails replace last years clears
This is Doogees sig on max, it kills me

Once again e36 owners I hope you are taking notes, because this is beauty.


  1. Now with the exception that my car had the E36 fitment style 5’s… this looks exactly like my old 328is
    Now I miss it. 🙁

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