WTF Friday: One hell of a ride


I saw this video on and I can safely say that it’s not a ride that I would want to go one, although it looks like if someone was eventually able to flag the truck driver down that the occupants in the car would be ok.

The video in question:

There are two schools of thought on what has happened here on maxbimmer:

  1. The owner of the car cut off the truck driver while traveling in his blind spot causing the truck to essentially perform a pit maneuver on the small car which moved the car from one blind spot to another. Since it’s raining its possible that the driver doesn’t notice to much resistance and that the noise isn’t incredibly loud.This all seems hard to believe and yet it is occurring in the video so…
  2. The second thought is that truck driver has had a really bad day and enough of people cutting him off over the years and has therefore lost his “cot dang” mind.

I’m not sure where one would find the true answer but I am leaning towards number 1. Either way it’s unbelievable.

Site Updates

The stickers are now on their way to me so I can show you guys the other two designs that are more for the auto-x/race crowd.

The next 2 auto-x/track stickers I had yet to reveal
Urkel influence is strong in this one
This one I posted before
And the one that will probably be a top seller

In non sticker related news I put in some work on the fanpage I nearly completely forgot I created. It’s not done yet but getting there so feel free to check out Stance Is Everything on facebook and become a fan.

Flashback Friday

Since I just saw this car and got to meet it’s owner at Performance World I figured it would be a good time to do a Flashback Friday do the ‘What Is Fonixx?’ post

Sic Ryde always looks clean

Anyway my lip is back on, the weather is nice, and I am going to enjoy the weekend… until it rains.


  1. “It’s like they went into maximum overdrive or something.” Title drop in the script!

    And I think Emilio Estivez is in it..

  2. Something is whacky with you Canadians and your FB pages, it won’t take me to yours and I still have never gotten to Casselman’s….. o_O Like, wth FB?! (Funny thing, I can see the photos you posted, but I can’t see the page itself? Always takes me to FB home page.)

    Anyhow, autocross stickers = awesome, now get your own butt out there and do it! 😉

  3. Eh…. I’ve heard the very applicable title of “America Jr.” given to Canada, so I’m not so sure about that…. 😛

    I will say that Canada is one candidate for my dual-citizenship, though. My strong preference still being the UK…. (Part of my life-long dreams is to be an ex-Pat.)

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