Event Coverage: Performance World Part 2 – Imports


Here is part two of the Performance World coverage, I had meant to post this yesterday but the great weather (18 degrees!) meant that I worked on my car after work as oppose to hiding from the cold.

Today’s coverage is mostly of the import rooms of the show which were really hard to shoot being absurdly dark and cramped for some reason, anyway, here we go.

When reviewing my pictures I was actually surprised that I took so few pictures of random stuff, normally at these shows I take a lot more.

I am however not surprised I didn’t take many model pics. I wasn’t really feelin’ creep mode that day, blame Do You Come With The Car for my change of heart perhaps?

This car was perplexing
While this is a big brake kit it's not THAT big
This was cool, an ethanol powered Sub rally car
Clever plate
Um... What?
You know may want to change your company name when...
Kinda poached this guys flash
This MR2 had a way with the ladies

The Infamous Project

Chris Savard put in a lot of hours getting all three of his rides ready for The Infamous Project and the hard work really paid off as all of the cars made it to the show complete and looking great.

The Infamous e36
These Oz's look so big in person I guess 23"s will do that
Some dude was running his finger up and down the paint when I showed up saying look it smudges... weird

Bagged and Juiced

The amount of cars on dynamic suspension this year was actually somewhat low.

Autobot low low
I still like Phantom grills...
If I ever see this truck tow anything I will be surprised

BMW & Mini

The BMW turn out at this show was uncharacteristically small. Other than Chris Savards BMW and the e46 below I can only recall seeing one other e36 at the show, I wonder why that was…

This Supercharged oldschool mini was rad
This e46 had me on a fence, I liked some things
but these fake vents kinda bugged me

TM3/Garage 16

Garage16.ca and TorontoMazda3.ca had a few cars at the show this weekend. I had thought about putting my car in the show with these guys but opted not too due to the amount of detailing I would have had to squeeze in the week before the show and my general level of procrastination. Good to see that these guys are not like me cars looked great.

TM3 represent, Pogi did quite a few things to his ride over winter
Blankets3 told me he wouldn't lower his ride till I beat it into him
New comer to tm3 nice look goin on


Don’t quote me on this but I don’t believe that Scions have been officially sold in Canada as of yet, and if the have the appearance of modified ones has been quite scarce.

Performance World had two in attendence, one first gen and a Kicker sponsored (they also sponsored the show) second generation.

Not sure who built this one but they had lots of time and money invested
Lots goin on in here, nice fiberglass work
This newer kicker Scion was done to the 9s
Good to see a little performance made it's way in via super charger


There were a few scattered Nissans at the show, here are some of the ones I liked.

Nice rR35, something around it kept blowing smoke sorta weird
Well put together car
Never seen this kit on a 240 before
Tire flush?

Sic Ryde

Performance World was my chance to finally figure out What exactly Fonixx is/was.  Keven and I got a chance to chat with the man who is Sic Ryde (literally that’s his name) and he explained to us what it is, kind of, really it’s still building towards it’s final huurah.

Sic says that Fonixx is a philosophy that is going to change the world and Sic Ryde is the person who is bringing Fonixx to the world….

For now it’s still quite the mystery, nice cars though, expect the unexpected.

Sic ryde TL
This wide body Corrado attracted a lot of attention
Dope Infiniti coupe
Sic Ryde Lexus is once again sporting a new set of wheels
Sic Ryde rolled deep


As usual the Honda numbers at this show were quite impressive, here are a few.

The famous Worked 905 cover car
Worked 905 loves there fast cars
Clean lookin Civic
This one was pretty clean too
Gorgeous s2000
JDM Integra with what looks like a wings west kit
JDM Type R
Import expo grip car
Pretty unassuming little Civic
With what appeared to be an f20 shoved under the hood backwards?!

Well that’s all of the coverage I have, hope you enjoyed it and if you missed it part one of the Performance World Coverage is here.


  1. lol yes, when i get my 1st cracked bumper i will be cursing you dont worry 😛

    u actually got me into it and im going more flush and more low in the next little while!

  2. dunno why, but kinda feeling daytons on a civic, but has to be done just right to look proper, pic doesnt do that looks off for some reason.

  3. R32 = R35. Typo lol

    And the guy running his fingers up the paint might have been W2W detailing on Max. He made an album bashing theinfamousproject a couple days ago. I have no clue why…

  4. That Mini is easily the most badass car in this set, haha, followed closely by that gorgeous Teggy Type-R, the white one…. Not feeling the S, not sure exactly why, and, uh, FWD with the S2k motor, why? 🙁 (Ever seen the black hatch converted to RWD with the S2k’s F-series? Now *that’s* how to do it. ;))

  5. You did a very good job of behaving yourself, with the exception of the picture of that girl’s nearly naked ass. (Someone should tell her that if she’s going to be wearing a bikini at an auto show, she really should go all out and wear heels, not sneakers.)

  6. that e46…now has a full cage and a few other engine mods. They are from NY – High End Motorsports i believe.

  7. Sam your a fucking idiot. Definitely wasn’t me i wouldn’t have to touch the car to see how fucking shitty the paint/ body work was.

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