I saw this car in the Mazda3Forums aggressive fitment thread and immediately realized that this is the look that I am after for my car, a reasonable daily drivable amount of flush mixed with a nice stance.

I have quite a few of these same mods already so I just need to get my fitment a bit more on point and I should be looking pretty legit…

Our cars are near dead ringers here, I guess my wheels are gram light reps... oops
New paint, new wheels, new fitment
I am on a fence about that hatch wing...
I am however not on the fence about a shaved hatch, love it!

The vitals on this set up are:
Wheels: Enkei RPF1 17×9 ET45 (+5mm spacers in the rear)
Tires: Federal 595 SS 215/45-17
Suspension: Bilstein B8 shocks, Eibach Sportline springs (1 ring cut F & and 1.25 ring cut R)
Bodywork: Rolled fenders

For me this means that my 7 inch wheels are way too narrow and my next set (which I have been passively looking for) needs to be wider or have a lower offset (my current will be ET38 Monday which is an improvement but still.)

I could also probably get by with 45 profile tires as oppose to 40s with my next set as well. Finally though I am on the same springs as this 3 owner I have not and will not cut my springs as I would rather, eventually, put on some coil overs and really dial in my setup from both a performance and aesthetic perspective (I am on Sportlines and Yellows now for those keeping track).

Either way it was great to see this.


  1. Thank you, man! I was very pleased by seeing my car on this web. I’m glad you appreciate the work I’ve done on it. Thanks Xima [a friend of mine] or these “first of” pics. I gonna make a professional photosession as soon as I get my wheels finished.

  2. While I absolutely despise yellow cars, does not change the fact that this car is incredibly sexy. And Dave, if you’re one the fence, let me push you over to the right side. GET THE HATCH WING! So subtle but something about it flows with the lines of the car.

  3. that autoexe wing is awesome. do it Dave. I have one myself and its a great conversation starter. and I love the new yellow color JDR chose to repaint the 3. go wide with the wheels as well

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