Mother of God


This could have easily been a WTF Friday post but I don’t think that would have done this build the justice it deserves, this is honestly one of the craziest things I have ever seen done by a privateer and obviously I am not alone since jalopnik along with a number of message boards have already given it props.

When a talented 27 year old Quebec native combines an EG chassis Civic with a GD (I think) chassis Subaru on a shoestring budget of less than 6k the internet stops and says “mother of god“.

Your typical beater EG
A Subaru that has seen better days for $1900
Looking a little straighter now
Instead of putting the Subaru running gear in a chassis it would pretzel this was done the other way round
See where this is going?
It fits
Rocker and door jamb fabrication, man this guy can weld.
The Honda roof had to be significantly reinforced as Sub roofs are apparently quite rigid
The wheel base of the WRX is actually sorter than that of the Civic so the fender had to be made essentially
In the paint booth, looks straighter than a lot of stock egs
Fron end nearly complete, like the fenders the bumper had to be fabricated
The looks on peoples faces must be priceless if they realize...
The hitch rack is fitting really

More information on this build can be found over at Honda-Tech


  1. you are correct about the GD chassis part!

    Very impressive, I bet the looks you get if they realize are ridiculous haha!

  2. @Mattijin looking at it it doesn’t look like it could really go much lower I’m not sure how easy it would be to find wheels for a chassis reskin (or whatever you call this)

    @N/Aontherun – I know right? It’s some next level stuff

    @Wrex88 – I wonder if he were to rally the type of looks he would get also, lol.

  3. Am I the only one that wants to fucking blow that disgrace up. Wholy Shit, what a douscher…. Putting a civic shell on a beautiful wrx… THAT ONLY NEEDED A FRONT END

  4. @Jacob Dye

    not to mention the fact it was rolled, look at the roof, it would have rotted in the junkyard if this guy didn’t come along and save the chassis.

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