WTF Friday: Porsche Emblem Rims


Today’s WTF Friday is a perfect example of what happens when a car owner has a decent chunk of money and no real taste.

Yes, I am sure we have all seen examples of this before, but, this one I found particularly alarming since the rest of the car isn’t over the top with ugly.

If these wheels are more than just a one off production for someone with way to much money let me know.

Otherwise I am just going to assume this guy went down to a custom wheel shop and got these made for some obscene amount just so that he can make sure everyone knows that he really does drive a Porsche…

The rear fitment is actually sort of ok
But I don't think more low could save this
Close up of the... awesome?

Site updates

There are two meets for this weekend on Sunday, and if it doesn’t rain I should be able to do both.

The first is an optionjdm meet in Markham (12-4 is what I heard) and the second is just the first weekly meet at Square One for (should be similar to the TM3/Next mod meet but without the free food).

In store news the white standard (small) URL stickers are sold out along with the white “I Like ‘Em Dropped sticker”.

I will probably place a new order relatively soon but before I do I am going to do a post asking for some feedback in regards to colors and sizing so I can get you guys what you want.

Flashback Fridays

Let’s take it back to this stuffed Lexus, I know it’s been around a few times but I still dig it:

Remember this one is static...

Got a bmx contest tomorrow, so let’s hope I don’t get worked.


  1. not only are thay discustingly scar face style over the top (even tho the guy who made them must be a wiz with the old nc) but there not going to alow the breaks the breath AT ALL undoing loads of porscha goodness this is the other side of the coin to the singer disine 911and rwds we all know and love the idia of moding is to make a car better and i hate when people take it a step back

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