Event Coverage: TM3/NextMod season opener


On Thursday April 15th the Toronto Mazda 3 Club kicked off their weekly ‘AA Thursdays’ meets at Next Mod in Markham.

The last time I had been to Next Mod was the grand opening and I figured that the turnout to that event couldn’t be rivaled by this one but boy was I wrong.

Not only did members from the Toronto Mazda 3 club come out in large numbers but so did people from the 6 club, and jdmrides.ca. It’s a good thing Next Mod has lots of parking.

Store shots

Since it was a little cold the store was packed most of the time but I did manage to get a shot of Next Mods new signage and a shipment of Rays wheels.

Nothing must be more satisfying than having the name of your company on a building like this
Genuine Rays wheels in the showroom

Non Mazda 3’s

Even though this meet was most heavily advertised on the Mazda 3 forums, whenever there is a car meet in our area it’s expected and welcomed that other people come crash it.

Nice looking EK hatch
Spenser aka KnightX came out in his clean orange EG
I love is300s and this one on VIP wheels was no different
The Next Mod IS350 is super clean
Green rims have been gaining a lot of popularity around here lately
Yellow FD crashing that party
Perfect stance on this TL
This Voltex 350z attracted a lot of attention
The Amuse GT1 kit is a bit much for me but it was nice to see it in person

Mazda 5’s and 6’s

There were quite a few of these guys out but since I forgot my tripod and where they were parked was kind of dark I wasn’t able to get too many shots of these guys, sorry dudes.

Marlon at OMGPancakes will love this one
Nice oem styled dropped six
Row of sixes

The Ladies of Toronto Mazda3

Unlike most other car clubs I have been a part of the Mazda 3 women are just as active on the boards and at the meets

Crystal just got her new wheels on and a lip and drop are coming soon
RX-8s are a great looking oem rim, this car also has purple angel eyes
One of two girls in the club rocking oem BBS wheels from another manufacturer
These STI BBS wheels look downright amazing on the 3

Mazda3 Sedans

This sedan was rocking black on red...
...while this car was doing red on black
While hard to see this car was wearing a set of wheels I had never seen on a 3 before
Clean sedan on smoked chrome wheels
Quite a few tm3 members have picked up cf hoods this year
Along with the side skirt extensions
The first two cars in this lineup are ever changing
Ryan had an interesting set of decals, silverish white at first glance
But then reflective silver under the right light
This member moved from a first gen to a second and is already knee deep in mods
He's actually using two sets of springs to achieve this stance


White is probably the most popular color on the board.
Black on white
White on black
White on white
It's really hard to expose the color of these rims but they are a nice gloss brown
This is a beautiful color
This speed3 owner is all about the track days and rocks custom powder coated Rays wheels
The polished lips look great on these RPF-1 reps
This second gen his happy to be dropped


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