SR20E30/F20 AE86 Drift build updates


As the drift seasons quickly approaches both Ryan and Pat have been working hard to get the final aspects of their builds buttoned up for a track day shake down, it’s been at least a few weeks  since I’ve checked up on either of these builds so let’s see whats new.

Ryan’s SR20E30

Ryan’s SR20E30 build has been an interesting one to follow, Ryan and the crowd have not been getting along at all and the build thread basically degraded into an e-pissing match before it was eventually locked.

Regardless Ryan’s working towards finishing his ride and letting the haters hate.

Here are some pictures of the cage build from the last update he posted:

Quite a few people made note that this cage does not have a dashbar but apparently DMCC rules do not require one
Door bars finished up
Bars painted and padded
This cage was built by local Etobicoke tuning shop RMP motors

To keep up with this blog I am going to have to keep a closer on on the Union Auto Club blog.

Pats F20 AE86

Pats really been putting in work under the hood of this build, the work he has done so far looks super impressive, thought out, and well crafted. 

It’s pretty awesome to have such a talented drifter/fabricator locally.

Nice, clean, purpose built setup
Complete hard hose setup
Closer look at the turbo side of things
Nearly ready to fire up

In other news Pat recently sold his bagged wag. I don’t think Pat would have let this beast go without having something meaner in mind so I am eager to see what’s next. Maybe he will build a truck something like Mad Mikes?

Either way if you forget what his bagged wag was here is a reminder:

I loved this car and it went for a steal!
Clean builds are just what Pat does


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