Clean local s2000


Normally on Tuesdays I just throw up a Theme Tuesday and call it a day.

However when I woke up today I saw these pics of a sick Local s2000 (that’s part of the Level One crew) I knew I had to post it before other blogs are pulling my late pass.

Clean front end, it's a shame we have to run front plates here
Dark blue volks looking sick
Once again, dat ass.
For the out of towners Canadian Geese are angry birds with huge turds

Gotta love local hotness. More pictures of this car can be found here on


  1. Damn man, that’s a really nice S2K. I’ve probably been looking at too many cars who live in places you don’t need to run a front plate or who have removed the front plate for photos but that plate really is a bit of an eyesore heh. Looks like it’s got buck teeth 😛

  2. Ya it really sucks to have to run a front plate but most times it’s worth running here because once they have you stopped they will then check everything on your car to see what they can get you for. It sucks!

  3. Thanks for the quick feature on my car. I believe it’s the second time on here. More pics of the red Civic in the link provided.

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