Theme Tuesdays: Honda CRXs Revisited


Today’s Theme Tuesday suggestion comes from @richardkha on instagram (the same person who seeded the Toyota Sienna Theme Tuesday) and it calls for a showcase of the rarer by the day Honda CRX.

I actually did one of these back in 2012 but since that is over three years ago now a revisit is well in order.

This previously featured car is a great example of how it doesn’t take much at all to get a CRX looking quite nice
Simple and clean, I’ve had this car on my hard drive for a while now
As an old E30 kid I have a lot of love for K1s and the functional fitment on this car is great
Those of you who prefer your CRXs with a lot more low and wider wheels will like this cali example
Mtechnica created a real hit with this reinterpretation of a classic design
And this one on Chevlon 6 spoke wheels
Flipping back to the functional side of things te37 wheels work on damn near anything
More te37 prowess via Skooter Media

CSCS July 5th 2015

And what’s not to like about a big intercooler and MHT drag slicks?
How about a bit of a flash back. Love the wide as they are tall OZ turbo wheels on this and if you removed the wing and did something else with the exhaust I could see a kit like this working out today
Space out the wheels some and this car wouldn’t look completely out of place either
This photo should really be all that's needed to explain why this car is being posted
This photo should really be all that’s needed to explain why this car is being posted
...but for good measure here's the money shot
…but for good measure here’s the money shot

The entire build of this crx is here on Honda-Tech

Not to be out done locally we have a turbo RWD CRX that I really do need to make the effort to go see
Art Malczewski (Drop Culture) shot these photos
..and I beleive he had a hand in the videos below as well

I know first generation CRXs were mysteriously absent from this post. I’ll look to correct that next go round.


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