Theme Tuesdays: CRXs


I am a little puzzled as to how I could have seriously gone so long without doing CRX Theme Tuesday considering I have already done Accords, Wagonvans, and Preludes.

Seems like it would have been an obvious choice considering a friend of mine had a sick green one for awhile, must have just slipped my mind.

Until today of course.

This car is perfect and was in every thread I looked for photos
Another angle for good measure...
One of The Chronicles picks for best Honda of 2011...
Team Rice? Hardly.
I had no clue these Straman CRXs existed before doing this post car, wheels kind of look like RC car wheels
I like where this is headed
Ditto for this
Damn this car looks good... and judging by the photo is pretty old
Rear shot...
Don't think I have ever seen a set of these wheels before
Love this color
Clean car, looks like cold day
Dialed down
This kit is interesting, subtle yet a lot going on at the same time
V2LAB doin big things
Sup Ravi
Function > Form here
Little more..
Those wheels are love hate... where do you stand?
Close things out with this absolute beauty

Props to all the CRX owners keeping these things in one piece.


  1. Just when I didn’t think I could miss mine anymore, you had to post this. Lol! I will own another one someday.

  2. @ollie and Cole – I love those wheels to but I think it has to be on the exact right car or else it won’t wok.

    @Scott and @Erik – You’re welcome and I’m sorry both at the same time haha. Rex’s are awesome and hopefully I will stop sleeping on them so much here.

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