Theme Tuesdays: Honda Accords Part II


Putting together Theme Tuesday posts is a guaranteed way to assassinate any other plans I have in an evening. I had every intention last night to finish of this Accord post and get to playing PS3 quickly until I ended up learning you can lower K cars with stock first gen Neon parts, and that MKII big bumpers fit on Dodge Ominis.

How did that all happen? I dunno, the internet is a time monster.

Anyway here is the Accord post I was working on before I got sidetracked.

This CB is looking clean an classically styled
This car looks to be well fitted from the front
I sure wish this photo was a bit brighter, looks like the hood has a story to tell though
Almost too clean
Double dose of mid sized Honda
Close up on the silver one
This Accords lip remind me of BTCC Accords
So I got distracted again and started looking at BTCC cars
A full post for those will have to wait for another day...
Another car I wish I had more shots of
The hood of this car wanted no part of the photo shoot
Late gen on 20" Vossens
Spotted by the guys at Slammed Society
Looks like this ones got a motor setup to back up the looks
Don't quote me but I think this one is bagged
As an Accord owner Keychain knows where to find all the dope ones
From Wekfest 2011
Four door sittin pretty
Local, K Johns wagon
and finally yet another from Wek


  1. like “the silver one” and of cosre british touring car love
    dude if you do a btcc theme tuesday make sure you get the royalty in there

  2. Accord 4 is fantastic. I’m really digging that one. like, a lot.
    #10 is looking gorgeous.
    #17 is a great shot.

  3. Man, my ’92 coupe was a horror story… I never even considered making it look good, in fact I never even bothered to maintain or repair it. The only thing I ever did on it was an oil change and rear brake shoes in two years! Pretty reliable nonetheless!

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