I have had this car saved on my hard drive for almost two months now but I just kept putting it off until later for one reason or another. However now that Readers Rides Part 5 is number one on my procrastination list it’s time to let this Silvia clipped 240 go.

This 240SX was owned by three Super Street editors in it’s day and was built up for the magazine on two separate occasions, once in 2008 then again in 2010.

It’s in print popularity means that some of you may already be very familiar with the it.

I however was not familiar with it so it really drew my attention when I saw it posted. When I found out it was a magazine build I was even more intrigued because sponsored builds often end up over the top and this car is refreshingly grounded.

A full detailed run down of the mods done to the car at the time these photos were taken can be found here on but if you just want to see some photos keep scrolling.

Very tasteful choice of modifications by the people at Super Street
The fairly built SR20 mill that puts down over 300hp
Body work looks flawless
Streetable yet track read interior
The old school GT logos on the x-brace intrigue me...
Rear 3/4 shows how well those 17x9 and 17x10 SSR Mesh wheels fit
Anyone know where this car is now?

I am looking to have the next Readers Rides up hopefully within the next week and it currently sits at 16 cars deep so if you want to see yours in the next one shoot me an email or upload it to the fan page.


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