WTF Friday: SR20 Echo


The drift community is known for their creativity when it comes to builds and this Echo I found on Build Threads is really no exception. Outside of this car there has been no real reason for me to pay attention to anything going on in the Toyota Echo world but this car peaked my interests (briefly) in the small commutator minded hatch.

A bunch of creative (demented?) fabricators in Japan took it upon themselves to merge an echo with an s14 rear sub frame and a blacktop SR20.

The result is a very unique, and very pink, Toyota that can get ass out with the best of them.

The obvious piles of fabrication that would go into the project that would at the end still result in an echo is enough to discourage most but not the Japanese!

Unsuspecting Echo/Platz
Not where you would expect to find a black top
Anything can be fit if you are determined enough, or stubborn enough
Not really a fan of the color or pink tints but it sure makes the car stand out

Here is a quick video of it in action

And a Japanese page full of details I found linked off of the article on Build Threads

Site Updates

This Sunday I will be at the Niagara Tuner & Truck Expo – Presented by Nine-O-Five Rides. I am sponsoring (but not judging) a trophy and it’s sure to be a great event so be sure to roll on through.

I will have stickers on me as well if you spot me.

Niagara Square 7555 Montrose Road Niagara Falls, ON 11pm - 6pm Roll-in starts at 8:00am

On the note of stickers I have about 8 orders ready to go out as soon as the Canada Post comes of strike. If there is no sign of a resolution on the horizon next week I will look into alternative shipping measures such as Fed Ex.

Thank you to those who have ordered for being so patient about all this…

Following up some bad news with some good the first run of Stance Is Everything T shirts has been paid for and next week I will have in my hands 10 Large, 10 Medium, 5 small, and 5 XL for sale in the first batch.

Pricing will be confirmed once the shirts arrive and I can figure out how much it costs to ship (again if our postal service ever comes back).

The first run of t shirts by popular demand will look like so:

Flashback Friday

Last Friday I missed the Maxbimmer Midnight cruise for the first time in three years. I had good reason (I was at the Relay For Life) but I am still just a little bummed I didn’t get to see at least the pre-meet of the cruise. Oh well there is always next year.

Coverage from last year can be found by clicking here or the image below.

Where did this Rx-7 get off to I wonder, never seen it again


  1. Why last WTFri? Got other plans? Man, you don’t see Echos oversteering like that even in the dead of winter!

  2. You wrote “Latest WTFri post ever perhaps,” I figured you meant last. Duh, I just got it now, latest as in time-of-day… Never mind, I’ll shut up now. lol

  3. Thats pretty wicked. almost any drivetrain can be custom fit into a car if your willing to build floors and firewalls. i love it. minus the colour.
    i missed the midnight cruise, i was pretty bummed. But i got married the ext day, could you imagine how pissed my wife would have been if i was dead tired on my wedding day due to the midnight cruise.
    she would have murdered me….

  4. god bless phyco grinder weellding fabricators fridays just wouldnt be the same with out you
    mmmmm tshirt’y goodness cant wait

  5. Wow……….. It’s great to learn about SR20 Echo an excellent car……. It’s my great chance to share about your this company. The formation of these cars is Mind blowing…… Thanks for being true about this 🙂

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