WTF Friday: What were you thinking


I’ve got a few cars today that make no sense but first this news:

Some knuckle headed thieves stole the 35 Ford Custom known as “Ruby Deluxe“. It was stolen in it’s trailer along with the truck towing it from a residence in Burbank. More information about this mind boggling theft cam be found on the H.A.MB. If you have any info email [email protected].

Now to the rest of this Fridays wtf….

Quite possibly the best limo EVER... if it doesn't break in half
Honestly I'm as impressed as I am appalled
Dude I have the best idea ever... lets make a Facebook car...

Site Updates

Not much to tell you guys about site wise. I should be finishing up my SEMA coverage early next week, I’ve got a couple showstoppers left, one of which I am really surprised hasn’t popped up anywhere else yet, and
once that is all wrapped up I’ll have to find a new way to fill the rest of the winter.

However I am not too worried as I have lots of ideas written on a napkin somewhere.

In other news as some of you know I ride BMX and last night I laid the ground work for a trick that I have wanted to do for years.

I’m pretty stoked on it even though I have a lot more to do (consistency wise) before I take it to a real ramp:

Flashback Fridays

Since we are on the topic of Donks (sadly) I might as well rewind to the last time I posted Donks in a WTF Friday.

I wonder how long it took to get up to highway speed?

I just don’t get these things


  1. I hope u do some good snow pics, i love seeing the winter beaters its crazy how much time went into the family guy car just for it to turn out like it did…ugh somethings arent worth the time but good for him if hes happy

  2. reminds me of the merth moblie limo from wynes world as far as the famly guy car is conserned its a shit load better than the tekan car from a while back and i hope the guy stoked with it 😀

  3. I would take and drive the Camaro-Limo any day over those box/drunks, or even the 6 wheeled civic hahaha

  4. dude, the flare was awsome. ive always wanted to try it but stopped riding before I got to that level.
    shooting good riders is a ton of fun. let me know if you want to and id be up for the shooting portion

    oh and that civic could have been interesting if they had just extended it. not the double axle, crappy kit, or wheels

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