Theme Tuesdays: Cressidas


Saw a thread on yesterday that had the following quote:

Jdm or not. I wouldn’t want something that old and ugly. Might look cool slammed on some low offset rims….

That was about all the encouragement I needed to pull together a Cressida Theme Tuesday.

I never really considered these ugly to start with though.

These wheels fit incredible, jealous of this fitment
This car is a beast, youtube 2jz cressida
Speedhunters has more than a few Cressida's throughout their back coverage
I don't post Boso styled cars often but this one that was previously featured on Hella Flush is pretty awesome
Grabbed this one from The Scraped Crusaders
Bassboat vinyl
This painted all black would be even more perfect
So much for old and ugly...
Period perfect
Personally I would like to see this without the fender mirrors but I won't hold that against it
However this one with fender mirrors I like...
LOVE this.
I think I need to find more info on this one
Serial Nine's Cressida came up a lot in searches
Simple dished 5 spoke wheels work on most cars
Great capture
and finally posted in the thread that inspired this post

Cressida wagons next week?


  1. Cressidas are the tits hahahaha I love them can’t belive u haven’t done a theme Tuesday on them yet o and the boso ones description should be “I don’t always post boso styled cars but when I do I like to drink doseques” hahaha

  2. erly cressidas are like that girl you knew when you were a kid that you didnt have looked at twice then you bump into her later in life and your like DAMN!!!!!!

  3. You need to search some Cressidas and mark II’s from New Zealand we have some with crazy figment like 15×13 in the back

  4. I have no idea what you guys see in these cars. Its like polishing a turd, it might end up shiny but it is still a piece of shit.

  5. I briefly considered buying one a few years ago, but it was pretty clapped out. Fender mirrors were how Japanese cars came back then. Oliver said it best, and it goes for most Toyotas: boring as hell when they were new, more interesting as they age.

  6. If you want to do a cressida wagon theme tuesday flick me an email and I’ll send you a pic of one from NZ

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