It’s Amazing


It’s pretty amazing that even though e30 m3 has not been produced for years, which is causing the buy in for one to steadily increase, that there are still a bumper crop of clean ones being built today.

Many of which I have never seen on the internet before.

This m3 is setup almost dead in the middle of function and form and no one other than Johnny Cash has walked the line better.

Picture perfect profile
BBS RS wheels, put that ish on everything
CF Pole positions never looked so good.

This car belongs to fourmotion on and I think these photos are behind the scenes shots of an upcoming PBMW feature. Spotted these photos on a few different random picture threads on automotive and bmx forums

Pretty sure I am coming up on a decade of being a member on various e30 forums. Wild.


  1. Joe, Amen.

    The 1M should have been just that, but for many reasons, it’s not. Coming close is the 135iM coupe I think

  2. BMW will always make faster, more efficient cars than these. Never a car prettier though. I wish they re-made E30s, they’re perfect <3

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