Guest Coverage: Bangkok Motor Show


My friend Jeff recently got out of dodge and skipped to Thailand for an extended vacation, on one hand this sucks because he was a blast to work and one of the best bosses I ever had, but on the flip side it rocks because now I have someone out in Thailand who is willing to go to events (that have women) and take pictures of the cars (and the women).

Here are some photos from his recent trip to the 32nd Annual Bangkok Motor Show. Pretty cool to see what a motor show looks like in different country.

Random Stuff

Ha! Looks like the track after I have been through it
from the pictures he sent their was a lot of stage shows going on
BC racing was there, and it looks like with some of their made to order rims
Hello Kitty was also in attendance?

Scooters and bikes

Wolf pack?
I am not really a scooter guy but this one looks alright
I wonder what the production version of this bike will actually look like
Don't post two wheels often here but these ones looked pretty neat
Or this one


Drop top Mini Cooper S
Not entirely sure what this car is, Asian Markets only perhaps
Another shot of it, the front end looks out of place.
What the heck, a wide body Cruze?
Back end of the MF
Looking forward to seeing what people do with the 370
I saw one of these loose in a footrace across a parking lot once


Thailand has a thriving VIP scene that at times can get pretty close to, if not over the top. Quality builds all the time though.

Thailands VIP scene is pretty damn crazy
Still on the fence about oni-camber
I think this is a Toyota Crown
I could get down with this one though I think...
This car makes up for it's more typical camber with loud paint

You may have noticed that women are noticeably absent from this post, even though I mentioned them in the opening paragraph, that’s because I will be posting them tomorrow in a women of Bangkok Motor Show Theme Tuesday.

Photo Credits: Jeff Dawson


  1. The white sedan is a Mitsuoka Galue, probably a second-gen. Based on the Y34 Nissan Cedric/Gloria platform.

    The widebody Cruze is an FIA World Touring Car Championship race car, specifically, Yvan Muller’s 2010 Championship-winning car.

  2. can i just say mopeds (scooters) may be fun to have a blast on but i would personaly like to beet the living tofu out of ever moped owner in spain becaue non of them know how to freeking ride and thay cut me up when im on my bike and there are millions of them ok now ive got that out of the way the wiesmann is ok but its not realy original its just the freekish german ofspring of a bmw and a classic jag diging that black cedric tho

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