WTF Friday: April Fools


Today is April Fools and while I have already been a part of a few pranks here in the office (and avoided any being done to me) I don’t really have any to pull on all of you.

I had a few over the top plans of elaborate site pranks but procrastination, laziness, and life basically put the end to that.

Instead here are just some very questionably styled cars I found online, one of which was famous around these parts for awhile.

Oh. My. God.
If you must put a keyboard in your car this is probably the nicest way to do it
Kind of rare to see someone take a Jag this far
Red and yellow hardly ever works...
Lots going on here.
Poor cat
Anyone know if this Van is still around? It used to get spotted like crazy
Have to love the attention to detail, right down to the plate covers

Oh, Josh just sent me this, I am going to post it on facebook as well but it should be here too. Totally relevant to Tuesday’s post.

Site Updates

I’ve got a rare completely free weekend coming up so either I am going to work on a few things for the site I have planned or play ps3. If you want to keep track of which just stalk me on twitter.

But personal car wise my camber arms have arrived from Dominant Engineering which is terrific, and my wheels are being picked up for a complete refinish from a local company

I threw in the towel on polishing the lips myself after I realized just how much work (and chemicals) are involved in removing an anodized clear, which I didn’t know I had until part way through the first lip. At least I succeed in getting rid of all of the rash on one wheel before bowing out.

Once I get them back you can expect a full quality before/after review of the entire job. Really looking forward to having like new wheels and the color I picked for the centers should look pretty nice…

Flashback Friday

Speaking of Curbed the first time I saw their Scion was at the first Stretch and Poke event last year. So here is a flashback to Lyndsey’s guest coverage of that event.

Lyndsey takes better photos than me


  1. Thats PIMP, I wanna put a synthesizer in my Si. F@%k iPods I’ll make my own music while I drive

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