Theme Tuesdays: Slammed Big Rigs


Last week I played things pretty safe with the Vintage JDM Theme Tuesday This week I’ve decided to not go as safe and finally post up a Theme Tuesday I’ve been working on for awhile:

Slammed Big Rigs.

Sure slamming a big rig is kind of a silly thing to do but I wouldn’t complain if I saw these on the road hauling McDonalds patties.

If nothing else it would make mundane commutes much more exciting.

This one was sort of hard to pull together because I had no idea where to start looking and often ended up coming across the same trucks over and over again when searching via Google. Last night I made enough progress to call this one a wrap.

Hopefully you guys enjoy it.

Murdered out rig
Shop? I hope not
This truck would make a speed bump it's bitch
Another bump destroyer
Seeing this at your local gas station would be alright
This truck is so dialed
I'd love to see trucks like these rollin the streets
Now... if they could lower the trailers to match...
I wonder how quick these can go down the quarter mile
Dumped big rig wrecker
Slammed cab overs were hard to find
Probably not for hire.
This is pretty damn bad ass
Almost too clean to hook up a trailer too
Tough choice...

A full feature of the above truck can be found here.

This video below has footage of the convertible Peterbuilt driving and dragging:

On a somewhat unrelated note does anyone else remember the show Highway Man? According to wiki I’m too young to actually remember when this show was on pre-syndication but I do remember seeing it somehow. As I have fairly vivid memories of it.

The Highway Mans truck/helicopter contraption

Highway Man, combined with the obvious Transformers and Optimus Prime, are probably the reason I have a desire to see more modified big rigs.

Something more normal next week, maybe 😉


  1. Those trucks are pretty sweet, i live just outside of winnipeg and theres a few companys out here that build shit like that

  2. im so suprised i havnt seen any of the trucks with spinners.. I was in north alberta on an oil patch when some east indian pulled up with a chromed out blue peterbuilt with CHROME spinners and a HUGE front guard that basically pushed the dirt as he pulled into the truck yard

  3. There are actually quite a few custom truck owners who use them to haul freight regularly. Dave, you’d do well to find and post a pic or two of an Ontario-based Peterbilt called The Gambler.

  4. Why is slamming a Peterbilt or any semi silly? Car hauling trucks sit inches off the ground at stock height and most of the low trucks you posted are bagged like stance scene. Unlike the stancet cars, you can still drive the truck without changing wheels because it has enough lift to function as a workhorse. What I’ve found out and probably the reason why you can’t find more pictures is because O/O only make up about 10% of new truck purchases which means owning your own truck is becoming a thing of the past translating into less custom trucks. The scene is super small as well as it’s a big dollar toy to mod which unliess your a car guy, most don’t see the reason to blow the cash on it. A lot of those you see are retired 10-20+ year old trucks (379 and previous models) only for show while there are a few newer custom models (389) that daily them. Another thing to think about is you’re making a good deal of money so why not blow some money on your truck instead of paying the tax man?

  5. Hey Han,

    The silly comment was really an extension of people saying lowering trucks was silly. I didn’t mean it to be offensive. I’m all for it!

    Those flip bumpers are pretty cool. I take it you are building a lowered big rig? If so what’ve you got cooking?

  6. Wasn’t offended, just was kind of shocked that a stance person would use the word silly. I daily drive a car that’s a little over an inch off the ground so going low isn’t a pain, especially since the highways are usually good when you stick to the main arteries.

    As for lowering a truck, we’ll see if things ever work out to the point I can blow the money or find the time to do some modding. Working on fitting my passenger seat with a woman is number one on that list and anything else falls into place after that LOL.

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