I told myself I wasn’t going to write about the latest version of this car. Not because I don’t like it, but because Speedhunters did it, Fatlace did it, and even Jalopnik did it. This  post has sat as a draft for about two weeks while I tried to decide if my input was at all necessary.

After reading a comment calling this car ‘nothing more than a POS‘ in a thread titled ‘How much time did this guy waste‘ I  found myself coming back because while a lot of people love the car, a vast number of people hate it and while everyone is entitled to their own opinion many are missing the point.

I think the roof looks best from low angles, personally

To think of this car as a BMW is wrong, what started as a simple daily driver has evolved into the ever changing piece of automotive art you see today. What the purists, who are ready to set fire to Mike, are quick to forget is that this car was for all practical sense written off a long time ago and just happens to be exceptionally good at dodging the grips of the crusher.

M. B(f)urroughs has created a car which embodies nearly every type of automotive modification, Rusty has an eclectic combination of modifications that very few people are used to seeing in one car.

This brave and radical combination is what is causing many to take to their keyboards in blind rage.

The dash is one of my favorite features of the car

I’ll admit first looking at the car you might see the signs of someone who didn’t know when to say when, however the more you look at it the more you can see the work of an enthusiast who pays attention to all parts of the automotive hobby.

Not sure what I mean? Here is a quick break down of the way I see the modifications:

  • Euro: The arches, the Ronals, the camber, and the stretch
  • Hot Rod: The boosted 1jz motor swap, which is no different than a chevy powered 32 Ford
  • Tuner: Again the boosted Toyota power plant checks this off
  • ‘Rat’ Rod: The paint, or lack there of
  • Minitruck: The air ride, the need to lay frame, and the ability to throw sparks
  • Custom/Vintage: The interior, which in my opinion is a work of art.
  • Lead sled: The roof!
It's got stance...

Like many the first time I saw the ‘God Father’ iteration of rusty I was a little conflicted as I really liked the previous version but as time passed, and the roof began to grown on me, I’ve come to understand that while there are still things about the car I may not like personally Mike has created the perfect contrast to his clean e36.

Now he has the best of both worlds: a clean functional car, and a radical impractical fun as hell car.

The seats are another touch I really like.

If you still have your doubts about the car as a whole I suggest taking the time to read through the build thread on stanceworks, it’s the best way to understand what this car is and how much work Mike has put into it the past few years.



  1. Best opinion I’ve heard yet about ole “Rusty”. It shouldn’t really matter what other people think. Mike is one of the few guys that just lets his creativity consume his project, he builds it for himself. Mike is the kind of guy that just says “I know what I like, and I like this”.

  2. MIke Burroughs don’t give a fuck. That car is awesome. In my opinion, that car goes beyond just a “customized car”. To me at this point that car is a rolling legend, polarizing the love/hate like no other. It’s not trendy, nor is it trying to start or influence trends. It reminds me of how everyone was looking at Andy Warhol’s art when he started and some were calling it trash while others were calling it genius. Now his trash is worth more than most of us will ever make working in our lifetimes. I call this car genius, beyond genius. it’s a beautiful car, magnificently set against every other BMW , or any car, custom, stock, luxury, sport, whatever. It’s Rusty. That’s all that there is to be said. Dave, I agree with you completely when you say that some are missing the point. And if they’re missing the point, that really is their loss. And they should probably stick to their purist, set in stone ways, and avoid any original thought so not to upset their own personal tastes. That car is dope, and on it’s own level. When I hit the lottery, I’m going to offer MIke a cool mill to sell me the title, and I’ll keep him on the payroll to continue Rusty’s evolution. Mike Burrough’s Don’t Give A Fuck, and can do no wrong in my opinion. But that’s just me. I LOVE THIS CAR OBVIOUSLY.

  3. I visit those a lot also and somehow missed them. Thanks, for posting this, I myself like it. I like the look of the rusty BMWs but this guy took that look to a whole other level. I’d drive it fo sho.

  4. Good to hear you guys ‘get’ rusty.

    Mark V you are right this car IS legendary at this point and Joe you are right as well Mike knows what he wants to do, does it and to hell with what everyone else may think.

  5. I saw this car at H20 and I think to appreciate it you really have to see it in person. Walking around looking at cars all I heard was “Did you see that BMW over at Rotiform? It has gold plated wheels”

  6. OK apart from my own apinions i benifit from not beeing part of your sean and i dont know the owner at all so i look at rusty as a CAR not an andy warhol pease and i have to say i like rusty there ara thing i would have done diferently but thats what moding is sure i dont like the roof i think the loosing so mush strenth from a car is criminal the rear bumper looks shite and rather than a “mini truck”(your words not mine) stance id have gone for some thing a lil more nas car/hot rod (i like the wheels tho) and i could keep picking all day but thats what this car does to us all it gets out creative juces flowing wether you hateor love it you cant deni the efect it has over you this car well infleance people wether thay want it too or not just how tho i cant wait to see

  7. I’m still on the fence on this one. While I can see and appreciate most of the work that has gone into this car (not feeling the top chop, it throws off the proportions), I’m not sure I’m a fan of the overall look of the car. I suppose if I had a car that was close to useless and I had the time, space and money to do odd experiments on it, I might do it too, so kudos to Mike for realizing his ideas.

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