WTF Friday: And the winner is….


Before I get into posting this weeks WTF Friday content as promised I have the results of the first ever Stance Is Everything reader appreciation sticker give away. First and foremost a big thanks to everyone who took the time to comment/enter the contest.

I was blown away by the amount of people who commented, and the great things you guys and girls said about the blog even though a simple “do want” would have worked to enter.

All of you and your cars make this blog, and anytime I have stuff to give away I will run similar contests. So once again thank you! Now onto the winner…

*insert drum roll here*

The winner out of the odds which were slightly more than 1 in 100 is: Jackc who’s lucky comment number was picked thanks to the Integer generator.

Congratulations Jack and check your email for shipping info 🙂

To everyone who entered, I’ve already started collecting for the next round and will continue to at Sema.

And now… onto the WTF

Just quickie today of a van that was actually out at last weekends Stretch & Poke III looking slightly lost.

Perhaps not the best shop vehicle...

Photo credit: Monkey KC

Now I have nothing against modified vans, but I don’t think the Van above was the appropriate platform to start with, nor do I think  it serves as a great marketing tool for ‘Extreme Auto Body & Collision’ in it’s current condtion.

But hey that’s just me, and what do I know I have yet to find a body shop I can really trust…

Site Updates

Nothing new this week but before I head out to Sema I have a bunch of things I need to get done, not worthy things being T-shirts and business cards. I might get a few extra shirts run to sell in the store as well but we will see what the final cost ends up being.

I am kind of hemorrhaging money at this current point in time so a full T-shirt run might have to wait.  😛

Flashback Friday

The clean 180sx I posted yesterday reminded me of this car which I posted February of this year in the Mr Dori post.

Clean S - Chassis FTW

That’s it for today, thanks again for everyone that entered and I might have a post up over the weekend seeing as it’s a long one and I just broke my bike…

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadians!


  1. You need to do a collection of sick vans! Im dying to see some one slam and poke the new VW routan. Ive seen some sick honda odysseys in the past. Or Even sick shop vans or vehicles. That would also be pretty rad.


    Ive seen a caddy (not the old truck, but the van from europe) on air. they look clean.

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