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Without you all, the readers, this blog would be me writing about cars to myself and that wouldn’t be a whole lot of fun. When I first started this  I had no idea how well it would go but the support I have received so far both locally and abroad has been absolutely fantastic.

While I would love to give all of my readers a personal show of thanks doing so would put me in the poor house so I’m just going to have to settle for giving one of you a bunch of stickers.

Below I have a prize pack which I have assembled from stickers I’ve received from various vendors over the year either by sticker swaps, hand outs, or dumb luck.

Twelve stickers for the price of one comment
Close up of side 1
Close up of side 2

The prize pack includes:

Quantity Sticker Color
1 It’s JDM Yo!!! Purple on blue
1 Stretch & Poke White
1 I like Em Dropped Pink (options availible)
1 url sticker (small) White (optionsavailible)
1 url sticker (large) White
1 Heart Honda sticker Red
1 Hella Flush sticker Green/black
1 Fatlace SF White/Red/Grey
1 Nextmod flameboy Red
1 Sweetie Girl Racing ‘chaser’ sticker White
1 Fatlace Illest Blue/Green

To enter the contest all you have to do is comment on this post, that’s it!

The contest will run from Monday October 4th to end of day Thursday October 7th with the winner being announced on this weeks WTF Friday.

The winner will be chosen at mathamatical random and not by comment quality so feel free to say whatever you like.

Good luck and thanks for reading!

Note: It is one entry per email address. 🙂

Special thanks to the following people/sites who contributed via sticky vinyl:
Sweetie Girl Racing
Stretch & Poke
It’s JDM Yo!!!
Hatch Life
Seche Media

The winner has now been posted up here!

A sincere Thank You to all who entered!


  1. Omg, I just did what I swore never to do in my entire life xD
    Anyways, love the blog man!

  2. I need stickers for the new hooptie. going to go dirty stance with it… Carbon fender flares!?!? YEP!

  3. Im in it for the “I like ’em dropped” sticker!

    idk what i would do if i hadn’t found you. just sayin…

  4. I love stickers! Been wanting to get some of these, and now a chance to get them free:D we always tweet back and forth too, woo! Lol (icantuski)

  5. All em stickers are so fly, all em stickers are so purdy, all em stickers make me hype.. I love em all! Stance has got it .. stance is fly, all em pictures make us wonder and leave us in awe, all em pictures rock our world. We love Stance and what he does…. Hype!

  6. Good deal man! I want you to know I appreciate your work, but I’m not interested in the stickers because none of my cars will ever have stickers.

  7. Hhhmm I might as well comment. You’re doing a great job, you’ve been added to my homepages for the last few weeks as well! 🙂

  8. god damn ive never seen so meny peope coment on a poast lol wicked idea of giving away a sticker bomb dave its been nice know we are loved lol good luck to joe if hes enterd yet
    thanks dave

  9. Been looking on this since it started X), some source of inspiration for my project Polo. Keep up the good work man!

    Also, that comment on the lurkers, couldn’t be more correct!

    Ben W

    Scotland, UK

  10. I’ve being following this blog since the begining of the year and i love it, i check it everyday to see the new updates.. Good job man..

    Kevin..from Kernersville, north carolina

  11. Love the Blog! Loving the coverage of the american shows/meets I wouldn’t even know about otherwise!



  13. i don’t want any stickers so you can coun’t me out of that but i wanted to let you know that i’ve been following your blog for a while and it’s really great, i’m glad you got all these people following you n shit. congrats bro.

  14. Thank you guys for the overwhelming support, I will write a little more about this tomorrow but just want to say one two things.

    1 day left and an “I hate speedbumps” sticker has been added to the list 🙂

  15. ^^^OH MAN!!! i could really use the speedbump decal lol i dispize speedbumps (-_-)

  16. Alright guys and girls I am closing this up to do the calculations to pick the winner check out this weeks WTF Friday and your email’s to see if it was you!

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