Theme Tuesday: MKII Golfs


I was over on Supermade last night looking at all the nice Volkswagens he posts when it hit my like a brick that I had yet do do a Theme Tuesday dedicated solely to the MKII Golf.

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long, these cars a staple of the low lifestyle and are always at shows and meets.

I love the fitment on this car, the rear especially
Everyone has seen this photo
and probably this one as well
No gap all around and perfectly flush, love it.
This is a really vibrant red
I don't think MK2's on beebs will ever get old
Small bumpers get love too
Moar BBS!
Beautiful rootbeer Mark II from Supermade
Red on red is not a color combination you see very often
Don't see MKII's on wires much either
Fan effing tastic
Everyone knows this moment... hoping a car isn't going to come destroy you as you ease out
The color, the bay, the wheels, the photo, all win
A little humor to end things off


  1. you know i love golfs but the mk2 is somthing like 90kilos heavyr than the mk1 I dont even weigh 90 kilos fk that lol
    the “snap” pic gives me dirty thoughts

  2. I prefer Mk1’s over Mk2’s, as they are much lighter and simpler. But either body style really works with four doors, something that the Mk3’s and beyond, somewhat lacked.

  3. up until the latest 2gen the mk1 has always been the fastest of all ans a mk1 with a l8er engine swap will dominate

  4. People need to stop whining about weight… if you care that much, just look at the fact that Mk2’s is aerodynamically better and as far as going quickly goes, that has proven itself to make up for the weight diadvantage. Anyway, awesome post peeps, that red 5 door is sickkk 😀

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