WTF Friday: A chance to win more


All I can say is wow, the amount of ideas that came in from this giveaway was incredible. You all put forth a number of great realistic ideas which could easily be made into reality.

If your idea does become reality I will make sure you get a few from the first run for birthing the idea want your idea to become reality today contact SecheMedia as he can do custom orders.

However onto the matter at hand. The people getting free stickers today ,chosen randomly out of the 66, entrants are…

Sariahbaby, Alex, Chester, and Tanner. Congratulations! Check your email today so I know where to ship the goods.

If you were wondering here are a few of my personal favorites that I am going to suggest move into design then production:

  • Daily Driven, Weekend Raced
  • Quit starin @ my rack (:
  • Whines more than my wife. (supercharger logo)
  • Low ‘n’ Go
  • too low to tow
  • I like em toppless.
  • ” NICE PASS ” — THE P – Would be black and everything else would be white .. so it would read NICE ASS unless close.

There were quite a few other great ideas that could come later down the line as well. A few I have to see if other brands/sites have copyright claims over.

Didn’t win? That’s ok because if you are fast you could win your choice of sticker from the store and a surprise sticker if you can identify (with proof) what these cars below are:

Identify me
Identify me also

First two to guess correctly win!

Site Updates

The Facebook fan page has over 3000 likes now which is pretty damn cool to me.

This week I’m checking out my auto teachers Diablo kit car build in person and I will be bringing my camera and so will my girlfriend so we should have an in depth look at that coming up shortly. Additionally I should have some photos and maybe a feature on a fairly unique slammed ride up on Monday.

Quick car update on my end, my car is going back to the body shop in the next two weeks to address some warranty work that wasn’t done correctly last year (side skirt misalignment, peeling clear) and I am going to follow up with on Monday and check up on the status of my wheels.

I’m still aiming for the first Stretch And Poke meet to have everything dialed, but there is a decent chance it will be done a couple weeks before then.

Flashback Friday

I’ve totally been dropping the ball on Random Dopeness and Sunday Swagger posts so with this weekend being a long one I might try and get one up this Sunday.

Here is a look back at the first Random Dopeness I did.

I still think this is cool as hell

Happy Easter.


  1. nice one dakota
    joe@ you rejoyce way to much in this lol
    dave@ nice douphine i wish people would keepem 3 stud tho 🙁

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