Random Dopeness: Volume 6


I almost completely forgot I mentioned on Friday I was going to post today.

At some point between doing my taxes, and cleaning the house, I remembered. I suppose I needed a distraction from those two mundane tasks.

Here are a couple of my random favorites.

International Harvester given the dump, steel, pin stripe treatment
Wicked Mayhems Luv from s10forum is out prowling the streets
Just chillin in your local Walmart parking lot, no big deal
Been kind of digging nice simply understated cars lately
I think this was on Jalopnik a month or 2 ago
No parking, anytime.

Off to Easter dinner.


  1. the other day i was going over the egsact specs of the quatro i was shocked at how basic the works cars are altho i do like the short wheel base version
    Dave@understated cars rock for the simple reson that having the police pull you over just so thay can have a look sucks

  2. no parking sign… you/seche should come out with a red rectangle sticker that reads ‘hard’ so you can slap it over the ‘no’ in ‘no parking any time.’ i know, i missed the damn sticker contest, oh well. NO PARKING > HARD PARKING

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