April sticker giveaway


When I met with Mat from Seche Media last weekend to pick up the new product for the store he surprised me with a couple test prints of a design based on one of the most creative uses of the I Like Em’ Dropped sticker I have ever seen.

While I plan to do a somewhat limited run of these in the future giving away the first print along with some of the stickers from the Seche Media catalog seems like a good idea.

So if you want to win some stickers before they hit the store comment on this post with a sticker idea you would like to see made for either the Stance Is Everything store or the SecheMedia store.

It’s that simple.

Prize package #1

Prize package # 1 contains

Prize package #2

Prize package #2 contains

Prize package #3

Prize package #3 contains

Prize package #4

Prize package #3 contains

One entry per email address.

This give away closes Thursday April 21st 2011 at 10:00pm EST and I will announce the winners Friday April 22nd 2011.

Good luck.

Oh I almost forgot it’s a random draw again but if your idea gets used as a sticker I will send you a production version.

Entry now closed


  1. Definitely a Charlie Sheene sticker with the word “Winning”. I started to Vector one and was gonna make it for my car, but never got around to it 🙁

  2. Can’t “stance” – romanian potholes.

    hehe, what can i say…i am from Romania… 🙂

  3. “4 doors equals more hoes”
    “Low and slow”
    “Quit starin @ my rack (: ”
    “I know you want it”

  4. “Form Over Function” But instead of writing over, just put a line under form and then function under the line.

  5. ‘Official Government Ground Inspection Vehicle’
    ‘If it aint dragging, shouldn’t be bragging’
    ‘Bags are for your eyes if you work on your car enough’
    ‘subframe stress testing vehicle’

    Oh, oh oh!

    ‘FTP – F**k The Potholes’

    Hahaa 😉

  6. “four doors means more whores”
    “no fat chicks” with a car scraping
    “i <3 beaching" with a picture of a whale or a car beached on a speed bump

  7. I have a few but ill post together to be fair to everyone 😛

    Whines more than my wife. (supercharger logo)

    Blows better than your mum. (turbo logo)

    Forced induction… she asked for it.

    Save money – stretch your rubber

    Jesus rolls ET0

    As JDM as a chinaman.

    TOP SECRET – you have no clearance!

    (red bold classified square) (you have on clearance error message)

    Clearance sale – Sold out!

  8. “Hight Requirement = 5cm max” (or in inch, i’m from Belgium :p)
    as in length needed to ride the rollercoaster B)

  9. “Lower it to heck” or “drop it to heck”

    “hella wizard” (perhaps with a wizard, or not)

    “Lower it to heck”

  10. Bags are for Bitches
    Potholes – Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive &Dodge!!!
    (pic of a limbo bar) How Low Can You Go???
    Slam Cars Not Doors
    Stance…If its wrong I don’t wanna be right
    FWD is NOT a Crime

  11. “HellaFunctional”
    “Low ‘n’ Go”
    “So Low My Back Hurts”
    “Teeter Totter” (on speedbumps)
    “I Heart Admirer’s”
    “Dude, Your Drooling”
    “Too Low for Fat Hoe’s”
    “Scrapin on Apex’s”
    “Hit the Floor!”
    “How Does He/She Drive That?”

  12. “3 Sumps and Counting” (or a variety of numbers)
    “Kidney Bashing”
    “WTB: New Kidney”
    “God Likes this” (facebook thumbs up)
    “What would Jesus do? Slam it”

  13. Lower than a worms willy

    If I was lower I’d be slower
    demand slammed!

    Soz it’s rude but:

    Dump 4 C*nt

  14. “unfeaturable”

    “they didn’t feature me but @perfectstance did”

    “caution: this car makes double lane changes under truck trailers” (think http://www.roadtrafficsigns.com/Truck-Sign/Truck-Makes-Wide-Right-Turn-Label/SKU-LB-0968.aspx) perhaps make a small illustration like http://signs-decals.com/images/Wide-Turn-Truck-Decals-Stickers-DOT.jpg

    “fix your gap”

    “no gap” (‘no’ is vinyl, ‘gap’ is box decal vinyl with word cut out like clothing brand). also could substitute ‘no’ for hate, fuck, etc.

    “lol that jack won’t fit”

    “too low to tow”

    “i cut my springs myself”

    “rolled.” (for fender/bumperline area).

  15. “low and slow”

    “I never narc’d on nobody!”

    “$1,000,000 quarter mile?”

    “I don’t care about potholes! hellafrush”

  16. decal saying:
    “Too Many Stickers”
    “I <3 Decals"
    "Not Enough Decals"
    "There is rust/hole/scratch/dent under this sticker"
    "This sticker adds 5HP"

  17. “Designed by Apple in California”
    “This is a Sedan”
    “Grocery Getter”
    “So. Many. Potholes”
    “So. Many. Speed Bumps”
    “Other side Officer” 2 doors”
    “4 doors? YUP”
    “Names Victor, I got a last name too, but I can’t pronounce it”
    “I like my vehicles dumped, not jacked”

  18. my center of gravity is lower then yours
    lower then a prego snake
    fuk ur rs’s
    raised grownd modd

  19. If it hasn’t been suggested yet, how about with the same sort of theme as I like em dropped but
    “I like em toppless.” Just have the girl pulling up her top instead
    OR “dropped and toppless.” 🙂 combine the two

  20. ” toatsmagoats ”



    ” WCB Regulations states that any exhaust louder then 120DB needs to be SILENCED ”

    ” NICE PASS ” — THE P – Would be black and everything else would be white .. so it would read NICE ASS unless close.

  21. “stance is an art”. (maybe with a picture of a paintbrush wedged between the wheel and the fenders)

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