The Evos have landed


Looks like silver Evos are rolling out pretty serious onto the streets of the GTA as this is the second one local one I’ve seen that packs heat on the inside and looks great on the outside. This particular one is putting down 431whp and 369 foot pounds of torque to the wheels.

In these photos those wheels happen to be 18×10 Works wrapped in 225/40 tires however with that type of power it stands to reason that the owner has another set of wheels that could probably put this car into the fat and flush category.

Gosh darn license plates killin our front ends one at a time
This is the only end of this Evo I would see
Sorry I don't have any tech specs for you guys
Some of you probably already know what's going on under here though so feel free to share
I've been watching Spyder 01 get better at taking photos for the past year or so, very talted guy
Last week our weather was like this. Now? Snow.
The wheel/tire choice cause quite a stir on the forums I found these shots, different strokes...

Photo Credit: Spyder01 and the full set is here.


  1. people of canada make your own plate brackets AND STOP RIPING SPOILERS OFF ARRRRRG other than that near perfect i do loves ma an evo

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