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I mentioned yesterday on facebook that the test fit of my new wheels went pretty poorly, but before I get into that I should back track and let you guys know what my goal for these new wheels is.

What I hope to have purchased is a set of Work Equip 5 spokes in 17×8 (et38) and 17×9 (et44) fitment. The plan, through lots of research, was to run these with 215/45/17s all around and be happy with not a lot of poke and no excessive amounts of camber.

I went to see the wheels last week and they looked good so I purchased them on the spot (without test fitting) during a snow storm of all things.

The wheels the day I got them, still covered in snow

After a busy weekend and few days following the purchase I decided I had better test fit them before I sold my current wheels.

Last night I tried and sadly the center bore is too small so I can’t get the wheels to fit flush onto the hub. After this problem I had a bit of a freak out and began picturing the widths and offsets also being incorrect (partially brought on by measuring the widths incorrectly during this panic).

Last nights sad test fit

After contacting the seller to confirm the specs he said that the specs were given to him by the previous owner and he was simply going on his word since the tags on the wheels have long since vanished.

Knowing that I am now ‘stuck’ with very desirable wheels in potentially un-runable (for me sizes) I devised the following game plan:

  • Remove the current worn out, too large, tires
  • Verify rim width and offset are within the specs I can realistically run
  • If the specs are good bore out the wheels and proceed with cleaning and polishing
  • If the specs are NOT as advertised put the wheels back up for sale/trade

Sounds good to me what do you think?

Just so this post isn’t all about my wheel fitting woes here are some cars on similarly sized and offset Equips.

17x8/ 17x9 +47 These could go on my car no problem.
17x7.5 +44/17x8.5 +41 - would also fit
If my wheels turn out close in spec I am good
Don't remember the specs on these but I do know they have a slightly different lip option
17x8 +35 f 17x9 +35 r - Wouldn't fit the way I want
Just a hair too low for the Mazda 3
17x8.5 et 37 Front, 17x9.5 et 36 Rear
If I can't fit them maybe I can swap wheels with an IS300 owner?
This car looks beautiful
17x8, 17x8 +27 - Too low but looks damn good on this car

So what do you think, does my course of action seem logical? I really want to make these bastards work.

Wish me luck.


  1. Dave,

    I think the plan is the right way. If they are the specs you wanted, just have the centerbore done. I would say to have the centerbore done at 67.1 bore for your car, but if you planning on flipping them in a year, do a 73mm. Will give you a larger market.


  2. I sure hope you get it all figured out. Sucks that this happened to you after waiting so long to get yourself a nice set of wheels. 🙁

  3. ofcorse you doing it right your you the big question is are you going to keep then black or … (i think black will look a shed load better than white or silver but id be tempted to go for a color and spray behind you mazda badge the same color but thats just me

  4. I would also suggest going the reboring route. I’m going to be in the same boat when my wheels come in soon. You should be able to do a semi-accurate measurement of the width/offsets with a meter stick or measuring tape through the spokes of the wheels without needing to dismount the tires. Do that first to see if you’re in the right ballpark and then go from there. Also check out how much the center bore is off, hopefully its only 1-2mm.

  5. Looking to keep em black first year, polish the lips up then have some fun with wheel lug colors.

    Second year take em apart over the winter for something crazy.

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