Event Coverage: Street Classics July 9th 2011


After the Indy on Saturday my Steve and I swung by my place grilled some burgers, picked up our better halves, and rolled out to the Street Classics Cruise in at Canadian Tire #70.

This was the first one of these events I had been to in 2011, and the first I had been to in quite some time where the forecast was great the entire day.

The turnout was incredible and the cars were awesome as always, if you live in the area and like cars there really is no excuse why you shouldn’t check one of these out. Also the 50/50 draws are getting pretty high so you could leave the event richer than when you arrived, we didn’t though.


First time I have noticed bikes at these meets, guess it’s my growing two wheel obsession.

Couple bikes rolled up, I liked the black one quite a bit
Ducati's look much much better black in my opinion


Not JDM though…

Do not have to do a thing to a car like this
I took a picture of this Mini while waiting for the crowd to thin around the GTO then forgot to take a picture of the GTO, fail
If you own one of these let's go for a ride, thanks in advance

Star Cars

It occurred to me the other day that its entirely possible for younger car enthusiasts to have never seen an original episode of the Dukes of Hazzard or Starsky and Hutch. Weird. On a somewhat related thought are there any K.I.T.T. replicas in Ontario?

Torino equipped with siren and strobes
Favorite TV car hands down
Like the confederate flag a General isn't complete without the dixie horn


I didn't get a shot of this Ford GT but I did get a shot of the Whipple
I remember this car from the pre 1955 show a few years back
American Graffiti styled Ford

Gassers and Customs

I’m always pretty excited to see a gassers, customs and lead sleds pull up because they are always oozing so much style.

New build or resto what do you think?
I didn't get a shot of it but the header on the drivers side actually burnt the paint up, which actually made it even cooler
I always love a well done flat black paint job without tiger stripping
Lead kings car, beautiful machine


These cruise ins are really heaven for Chevy fans
Chevelle and a Mustang parked in front of a garage you would never see them in
This Camaro had a very nicely done full JL audio setup
The install where it mattered was clean as well
Bagged 70 Chevelle SS
Excellent looking 69 SS
Spectre cold air looks like devil horns
This Chevelle was a bit of a sleeper
Most certainly not what it came from the factory with
You might remember this Impala, it's been featured here before
Similarly colored Impala SS
Very clean 70 or 71 Camaro
Tidy engine bay to match


A few of these I had a tough time identifying once I got home. So if in fact some of these are labeled incorrectly let me know.

Bright orange Duster
I believe this is a Plymouth Valiant, don't come across them a lot so I am not 100%
Regardless of what it was it was packing some heat under hood
One shot for the road
Similarly powered Road Runner from the same shop
Shop does big things...

A car with a story to tell

I found this Bel Air incredibly interesting because it was obvious that at some point in its life somebody really took care of it and did a lot of modifications to the car, then that care suddenly stopped and the car has become less than half of what it once was.

I never saw the owner to ask what happened but that is probably a good thing because I’m not sure how I would phrase the question without it being offensive, it’s just weird to see a car in this shape still driving normally they only start to look like this after years of sitting in a driveway.

I’m sure this car has a story and one day I would love to hear it.

Even though it's rough now it's easy to see that a lot of this is custom
Maybe the text on the back is a hint at what happened

The Car of my dreams?

My girlfriend and I often chat about what type of car I will build when the time is right and I can devote a lot of money into something I plan to keep for a long time. I’m pretty much dead set on owning a classic simply because I have always wanted one and while I love Impalas she is pretty partial to Chevelles and considering the amount of money the project will probably cost I am willing to make a compromise on model of car.

That being said this Chevelle is perhaps the closest I have seen to what I picture building in my head.  It’s low, it tucks, has huge tires, a heavenly exhaust note and an epic single solid color paint job.

I stood fixated in this position for about 5, maybe 10, minutes
Very spartan engine bay, looks like you could climb in there with it to work on the motor
If you can't understand why I love this car you might now know me 🙂


  1. I spotted and even-better replica of Milner’s (American Graffiti) coupe on the QEW the other day, maybe you’ll see it around this weekend. That Chevelle is slick, but the engine could be bigger! 🙂

  2. The black 1968 Roadrunner is mine!
    You are correct, that is a 1967 Plymouth Valiant also built by A&D Performance in Brampton.

  3. Funny you say that, the 55 Chevrolet that was also built at A&D was there that night as well.
    It was parked beside the Valiant.
    Did you get shots of it?

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