WTF: Friday What are the odds?


Quite some time ago (May) I facebook/tweeted a picture of a very interesting looking CRX I spotted one early morning in Toronto while dropping Lyndsey off for a run. The feedback on the car was pretty mixed but in person it was clean if nothing else, especially for it’s vintage.

Fast forward a couple months and reader/fan Artin found this CRX up for sale locally on Kijiji, pictures and a quick description from the seller is below:


-Custom body kit
-Metallic custom paint job
-1.6L VTEC engine
-Cross drillled rotors all around
-MOMO steering wheel and pedals
-Dual performance exhaust
-Integra headlights
-Supra tail lights

Definitely a rare kit that borrows parts from a few different places
Weird the car looks the same amount of dirty as I saw it last
Looks like maybe it's been sittinf for a bit though

The description is pretty vauge however because it doesn’t at all metion the maker of the kit which was Vitesse or that it was actually made by a now defunct local company called Gulf Coast Motorsports.

There is a chance howevr that the owner bought it second hand and didn’t know any of this but I find that a little hard to believe only because based on google results it doesn’t really seem like the kit was increidbly popular either for the CRX pictured above or the Civic coupe which is pictured below.

Jalopnik did do a little piece on the kits though and that is where these photos come from:

Without a roof the car looks a little weird(er) IMO
Much prefer the crx version
The rear just seems so bulbous on the cab
But much more refined here.

In the end I suppose a company built around a car that doesn’t really hold up all that well in Canada isn’t the best of ideas. The molds for the kit were presumably sold or traded in around 2007 and that was that.

Just another random kit to come and go now…

Site Updates

Another fairly busy weekend but that’s alright as I am going on vacation next weekend so I might as well earn it. Tonight I will be in Milton for their annual downtown Street show and Sunday I will be at Mosport for:

I might roll up with the Division R / Nine-O-Five Rides guys and I will have t shirts on me as well as be getting a restock in stickers from Seche Media.

Flashback Friday

I will be posting a feature on an s2000 this Monday which had me thinking about the s2000 below that I have not see since these photos. Anyone know where this car ended up?

If the car is gone surely the wheels are on something around here now

Until Monday.


  1. There was a vitesse crx in welland, years and years ago. i remember seeing it for sale for like 8 grand when i was like 16. was sick though!

  2. realy :O sacrilige why? all it does is make it can under stear ,i need to start paying more attention

    • While my wheels are staggered my tire sizing is square so I don’t notice any crazy under steer. However when I do hit the track I run a square (though narrower) setup.

      8.5″ equips all around would have been boss but I couldn’t find them for $750 😛

  3. Yellow AP1 belongs to Alan, which he to one of the lownatics guys. It was at the first stretch and poke meet at GPK this year with the black Work S1’s.

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